Outdoor Furniture Cushions Buying Guide

You're sitting outside when you notice that the seat you're in isn't quite as comfortable as when first got them. You want something to make your outdoor sitting more comfortable, but what? Outdoor cushions are the ideal solution but outdoor furniture cushions take a lot of abuse. Rain soaks them. The sun beats down on them. And, if you have children, they are likely to get stained from outdoor picnics and those times when they confuse your outdoor cushion for things like a sled or a frisbee. But what if you could get an outdoor cushion that resists fading and staining?

We offer premium outdoor patio cushions made from high-quality Sunbrella® acrylic fabrics. With a five-year warranty against fading and fabrics that are easier to clean than many vinyl fabrics, Sunbrella fabrics are the ideal choice for your outdoor cushions. Cleaning Sunbrella cushions is very easy, to see just how easy, view our Fabric Care and Cleaning Instruction guide.

Our cushions feature a layered-polyester fiber material as the filling for all of our outdoor cushions. The material is densified and bonded with a low-melt fiber for added strength. These fibers will not hold water, nor do they mold or mildew as foam filling often does. Inside and out, our cushions are of the highest quality available. We also offer foam filling, but we recommend that it only be used if you plan to take you cushions inside and not leave them in the elements. To see the full details of the fillings we use on our cushions, please see our Cushion and Pillow Filler guide.

Building Your Cushion

We can make a cushion for any seat you want a cushion to sit on. From wicker (sometimes called rattan or settee) to chaise loungers to simple chair cushions, we cover it all. Since most all of our cushions are custom made, you get the cushion you want instead of settling with a boiler plate, mass produced style and sized cushion. Since all of our cushions are custom and made to your specifications, we do not accept returns, so please measure carefully. Templates are always welcome. Any uniquely shaped cushions that are different from what we display will need templates. See our How to Make a Template guide for details on how to create your template.