Custom Papasan Cushions

custom papasan cushion

Make your papasan chair the most comfortable chair in your home with a custom papasan cushion. Select one of our popular sizes and customize your cushion by choosing from hundreds of indoor and outdoor fabrics we carry in stock. Don't see a fabric you like? We'll be glad to create your new papasan cushion with your own fabric! Our papasan cushions are filled with loose poly fill for a softer cushion, then sewn shut without a zipper. All of our papasan cushions are stuffed to a target thickness of 4.5 to 5.5 inches thick and feature standard circle tacks. Choose from our standard round sizes, or you may need to send in a template for an unusual size or shape using our Unique Shape papasan.

Our papasan cushions are measured while the cushions are FLAT. Please take the sunken middle of your papasan chair into account when choosing your cushion size.