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Sewing Thread Information Bulletin

Product Description

Premo XTR Tex 70 and Tex 45 threads are bonded continuous filament nylon sewing threads designed to provide excellent sewing performance in all types of upholstery applications. Premo XTR Nylon is constructed from a single end of high-tenacity (type 6.6) nylon that provides excellent strength and abrasion resistance in the finished product. A lubricant with a blend of silicones is applied to Premo XTR to profice even frictional properties and superior resistance to heat during the sewing process.

Primary Raw Materials

  • Nylon high-tenacity continuous multi filament
  • Silicone blended lubricant

Typical Raw Material Characteristics

  • Melting point: Between 480° - 500° F; it will burn in fire
  • Excellent strength and abrasion resistance
  • Good ultraviolet (UV) light resistance
  • Good resistance to most chemicals except some acids
  • Appearance: White semi dull

Custom Replacement Cushions Sewing Thread Information

Premo STR Bonded Nylon
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