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Premium Outdoor Fill

4" - 8" Thick
Multiple Shapes

Quick Facts

  • CumuPlush wrapped in Batting
  • Great for Outdoors
  • Water Drains Well
  • Medium Firmness with Soft Top Layer
  • Ideally Suited for Outdoor Use
  • Cost: $$$
Design Your Cushions

Plush-Top Fill for Outdoors

Premium outdoor filling

Comfortable and convenient, Premium Outdoor Fill's plushness is created with a designer-style "crowning" effect. This fill type is created with a CumuPlush core and a layer of batting on top and bottom for designer-style elegance and comfort.

Premium Outdoor Fill is available exclusively on our Deluxe Comfort Cushions and Deep Seating Cushions. Depending on your preference, Premium Outdoor Fill is available 4-8 inches thick.

Premium Indoor Fill is also available if you would like extra firmness for use indoors or if you would like to add buttons.

CumuPlush Density is 1.5 lbs. (weight if it were a 12" x 12" x 12" cube)
Please note that density does not correlate to comfort.