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Custom Daybed Cushions - Optimal Comfort

You want the most comfortable experience for your daybed cushion, and we deliver the ultimate in weatherproof comfort. Our exclusive Optimal Comfort fill consists of four layers to create the most comfortable, most versatile, longest-lasting experience:

  • Foam Core
  • Layer of Gel Memory Foam on top and bottom
  • Plush batting on top, bottom and front
  • Water-resistant lining by Hanes
Optimal Comfort Cushions

Optimal Comfort CushionsOptimal Comfort cushions are comprised of four components: a foam core; a layer of Memory Foam MicroGel; a layer of batting on top, bottom and front; all enclosed in a water-resistant zippered ticking (shell). The batting on top and bottom allows the cushion to be flipped whenever necessary. These cushions are extremely comfortable, are weather-resistant and will hold their shape over time.