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Custom Chaise Cushions - Deluxe Comfort

Our deluxe chaise cushions are both plush and refined. Our deluxe feature will add ½ to 2 inches of loft (sometimes called a "crowning effect") to your cushion. This loft occurs on both the top and bottom but not on the banding (sides). Our chaise cushions are available with one, two, or three breaks, depending on your needs. Create a cushion you won't find anywhere else — because it's made specifically for you.

Need a cushion for a double chaise lounge? Browse our selection of Double Chaise Cushions.

Choose from hundreds of high-end fabrics for your chaise cushion. If you can't find exactly what you want, we will be glad to use your own fabric (COM). To get your own designer look, you can create matching or coordinating custom pillows, custom patio umbrellas and custom drapes to complete your beautiful outdoor space.

Deluxe Comfort Cushions

Deluxe Comfort CushionsDeluxe comfort cushions feature a crowning effect. A layer of batting is placed on top and bottom of the cushion's fill, creating a plush and elegant look. Including the batting on both sides of the cushion allows the cushion to be reversible. However, this crowning effect may cause a gentle "rise" when the cushion is placed on some types of furniture. We recommend the CumuPlush™ Deluxe Custom Cushion for outdoors since it drains the best after a hard rain. We do not recommend adding buttons on the deluxe style for outdoors.