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Custom Bay Window Cushions - Standard Comfort

Classic and sleek, our standard comfort bay window cushions are finished with a sophisticated edge and are available in thicknesses from three to eight inches. These trapezoid shaped bay window cushions are made to your specifications. Measuring for a bay window cushion is easy following our simple graphic during the ordering process.

If you're searching for a rectangle window cushion, please browse our selection of window seat cushions.

Choose from hundreds of indoor and outdoor fabrics and the option of indoor or outdoor filling. Please note that unless you have UV ray-proof windows, we recommend utilizing our collection of fade-resistant outdoor fabrics. To further customize your window cushions, you can choose the best location of ties for your new decor.

Standard Comfort Cushions

Standard Comfort CushionsStandard comfort cushions and pads can be made for outdoor or indoor use. CumuPlush™ filling, for outdoor use, is layered polyester designed to resist mildew and does not retain water. This filling is recommended for all outdoor applications, but it may also be used indoors. We recommend foam fill with top batting primarily for indoor or protected outdoor applications, since water may be retained in the foam cushion for longer periods of time.