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Custom Adirondack Cushion Set - Optimal Unique Shape

custom adirondack cushions
Optimal Custom Adirondack Chair Cushion
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1. Fabric
Fabric Selection
Choose a different fabric
Sunbrella Canvas Vellum (5498-0000)

Select from our hundreds of in-stock fabrics or send us your own fabric by selecting Customer Fabric (COMFAB) in our Fabric Gallery.

2. Welting
3. Dimensions
4. Fill
5. Style
6. Ties
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Product Overview

From fabric options to design embellishment options, to being a custom product, our Adirondack cushion offerings are the ultimate in beauty and functionality. With our new four-layer Optimal Comfort fill, what more could an iconic chair ask for? Color, design, custom, and comfort — you will find it all in our Optimal custom Adirondack cushions.

Due to the wide variety of Adirondack styles (seat and back), we require a template for all custom Adirondack cushions to ensure we make exactly the cushion you specify through your template. Managing to look both sophisticated and stylish, our traditional Adirondack cushions are ideal for indoors or outdoors. Create your own style by choosing from hundreds of our fabrics, or we can customize your cushion with your own fabric.

The batting feature of Optimal Comfort will add ½ to 1 inch of loft to your cushion. This loft occurs on both the top and bottom but not on the banding (sides). The amount of loft depends on the size of the cushion and the fabrics selected. The measurement of thickness will be taken seam to seam on the banding and does not include the loft added by the batting feature. Please consider this when selecting your cushion thickness.
For a more economical Adirondack cushion, try our Quick-Ship Value Adirondack cushion.
Product Specifications
Approximate Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds
Ships in
2 to 3 weeks
Ship method
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Double Welting
Cushion will have double welting (cording/piping) along the seams. All welting is cut on the bias, giving it an angled appearance. Welting Cut on the Bias
No Welting
Cushion will not have any welting (cording/piping) along the seams.
Cushion Height
Measure the height of the cushion as the bottom to top measurement when standing in front of the furniture where the cushion will be placed. We accept whole and half-inch increments only.
Cushion Depth
Measure the depth of the cushion as the front to back measurement when standing in front of the furniture where the cushion will be placed. We accept whole and half-inch increments only.
Cushion Width
Measure the width of the cushion as the left to right measurement when standing in front of the furniture where the cushion will be placed. We accept whole and half-inch increments only. (Cushions more than 52" wide may show one or more visible seams in the cushion fabric when choosing a vertically directional fabric.) A zipper will be placed along the width of the cushion.
Directional fabrics will run from front to back (top to bottom)
Directional fabrics will run from side to side (left to right)
Custom Shape (Template Required)
We can create any unique shape using a template provided by you. ($35 fee will apply.)
Enter the largest measurements for your dimensions.
Please be sure to read our important Template Information and Directions.
Box Edge
Cushion will have a seam around the top and bottom edges and is available in a broader range of thicknesses.
Optimal Comfort (Indoor/Outdoor)
Optimal Comfort fill consists of a foam inner core with a layer of gel memory foam on top and bottom, fully wrapped in 1" batting, enclosed in a water-resistant liner with zipper. Thickness measurements are taken seam to seam. This fill choice will create an additional ½" to 1" loft on both sides of your cushion. More Info
1 Break, 2 Sections
This cushion has 1 break making 2 sections.
Joining Piece
Joining Piece connection uses a flap of fabric to connect your cushions. The flap size is the same thickness as the cushion, which allows you to place the back on top of the bottom, and to also fold it.
No Ties
2 Ties
2 Ties on Cushion Break (Ties are sewn into the seam of the cushion. Each fabric tie is 12 to 14 inches in length.)