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Custom Steamer Cushions - Deluxe Comfort

Our deluxe steamer cushions are made both plush and beautiful by adding a layer of batting to the top and bottom of the standard cushion fill. Our steamer cushions feature two breaks to fit standard steamer lounge chairs. Optional ties are available if you have the need to secure your cushion to your chair. Create a custom steamer cushion you won't find anywhere else — because it's made specifically for you.

Choose from hundreds of top-quality fabrics to create the cushions that will express your personal style. The quality of our materials is unsurpassed, and all of our custom cushions are made in the USA. Your home or patio will be more beautiful than ever by adding deluxe cushions coveted by professionals.

Deluxe Comfort Cushions

Deluxe Comfort CushionsDeluxe comfort cushions feature a crowning effect. A layer of batting is placed on top and bottom of the cushion's fill, creating a plush and elegant look. Including the batting on both sides of the cushion allows the cushion to be reversible. We recommend the CumuPlush™ Deluxe Custom Cushion for outdoors since it drains the best after a hard rain. We do not recommend adding buttons on the deluxe style for outdoors.