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Custom Patio Cushions

Custom Outdoor Cushions
Patio space, with custom cushions, pillows, umbrellas, and placemats

In recent years, as home remodeling has become more popular, patios and other outdoor settings have also grown in popularity. Patios are no longer simple spaces with a lawn chair and a grill. Patios have become more complex over the years thanks to the innovative designs by some of the industries top designers. Some people have constructed entire rooms, such as kitchens and dining rooms, in the outdoors. Cushion Source has been there, every step of the way, making patio cushions that help make these settings as comfortable and custom as possible.

Patio Cushion Ideas

Our most common application is the patio table. Patio tables are a common piece of outdoor furniture that need custom cushions. Maybe you don't know who made your table or maybe the manufacturer has gone out of business. If you have a measuring tape and an eye for color, we can make brand new patio cushions! But we don't stop there either. Did you know that we also make custom umbrellas? Not only can you have a new patio cushion set, but you can have an umbrella that either matches or coordinates with your cushions.

Our Most Popular Patio Cushions

Unique Patio Cushion Shapes

Have a uniquely shaped piece of furniture? No problem! We specialize in creating custom shapes and sizes using your cushion templates. We can even make your cushions and pillows using fabric you already own!