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Custom Floor Pillows

Design Your Own Pillow
Floor Pillow

Our custom floor pillows can be ordered to your custom pillow size needs. Floor pillows are great for anyone that loves to cozy up by the fire, lie on the floor while watching a movie or just lounge with a good book. Our custom floor pillows are perfect in entertainment rooms, nurseries, family rooms, dorm rooms, and playrooms. They are a great alternative to a bean bag chair. Floor pillows can also be a stylish addition to a space by adding color as well as optional seating. A stack of multicolor floor pillows of different prints or textures can enhance the decor of wasted space. We offer two main styles of floor pillows: square floor pillows for space saving and overstuffed wide and long pillows.

Floor pillows can be built in either indoor and outdoor fabrics. Our outdoor fabrics are made with Sunbrella and have a five-year warranty against fading. We offer hundreds of fabrics choices. If you don't find the exact fabric you want, we will be glad to use your material you provide, or what we refer to as COM, Customer's Own Material.

Floor Pillow Styles

All of our floor pillows use knife-edge style seams with a hidden zipper for easy removal and cleaning of the outer fabric shell. Our custom floor pillows are made with an inner poly-bun casing which is filled with a loose poly-fiber. The inner poly-buns are circle-tacked to hold the loose poly-fiber in place. Unlike most body pillows whose filler material does not stay evenly distributed throughout the length of the body pillows, our circle-tacking method helps keep the filler in place for a more even, well-rounded pillow. Poly fiber is also mold and mildew resistant. In a down pour of rain, the poly fiber will not absorb water as normal cotton or foam-filled cushions; the cushions may retain some water due to the water-resistant qualities of Sunbrella fabrics. When this happens, simply prop the cushions up so they water can drain out of the zipper and the cushions should dry quickly, depending on your weather conditions.