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Para` Tempotest Stella Lichen Fabric (STELLA-51696-20)

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Para` Tempotest Stella Lichen 11.8 oz. is a raised irregular linier beautiful woven in soft mountain moss green and soft beige. Stella Lichen's line gives a nod to chenille creating a textured subtle novelty detail to your outdoor and indoor living areas of the home. This sun loving fabric solution dyed acrylic fabric comes with an impressive 6-year color fast warranty, the longest in the industry. Have confidence knowing the Teflon® finish provides water repellency, and mold, soil, and oil resistance. PARA` Tempotest provides years of beauty and style as it is perfect for outdoor and indoor cushions, pillows, drapes, and tabletop.
PARA Tempotest USA
Indoor and Outdoor
6-year color-fast warranty
Roll Width
100% Acrylic - Solution Dyed
Limited Quantity
Beige/Tan, Green
Tapestry/Jacquard, Tweeds/Textures
Gentle brushing then clean with mild soap and water
Recommended Applications
Bedding, Cushions, Drapes, Pillows, Placemats, Table Runners, Tablecloths

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