About Wicker Cushions

Believe it or not, wicker furniture dates as far back as 3,000 BC. Made with reeds and swamp grasses located from the River Nile, historians are convinced that these materials were used to make some of the earliest wicker furniture. The Egyptians made baskets, chests, wig boxes as well as chairs.

During the early nineteenth century, wicker was used as common outdoor furniture. America's love for wicker didn't become popular until the mid-nineteenth century. Although, by this time, rattan was discovered to be stronger and more resilient than previous materials revealed by the Egyptians, wicker is still one of the most popular furniture choices for outdoor applications today.

Inevitably, most wicker furniture will need a custom cushion to add more support and comfort to your indoor/outdoor living area. You'll want your cushions to last so why not invest in quality? Here at Cushion Source we only use premium furniture grade materials. Sunbrella fabrics are the ideal choice in indoor/outdoor fabrics because they are made with 100% solution dyed yarn. Solution-dying is a process that allows color to be added to the fibers during the liquid state so the color saturates the fibers all the way through and will not fade. Sunbrella also comes with a five-year warranty against fading and normal wear and tear.

Choose from hundreds of solids, stripes, and prints. We have high end Sunbrella fabrics that are not only perfect for outdoor use but they are so beautiful you'll want to upholster your indoor furniture as well. If you don't find the exact fabric you want, we will be glad to use customer owned material.

Due to the many shapes and sizes of both indoor and outdoor wicker furniture, custom wicker cushions can be a challenge for most manufacturers. At Cushion Source, we have many years of experience in making specialized custom cushions for wicker furniture. Cushion Source requires you send a custom cushion template for all Wicker Cushion orders. We also have a guide for measuring wicker cushions. As there are hundreds of styles of wicker furniture, we make an extra effort to make sure we precisely duplicate the "Rounded Rear Corners" found on most Wicker Furniture. Providing us with custom cushion template allows us to match the radius of your cushion to your exact requirements.

Whether it's a residential replacement cushion request or a custom commercial design for a resort, Cushion Source is your source for indoor and outdoor replacement cushions. Please contact our customer care department for any questions you may have.