Custom Church Pew Cushions

3" - 8" Thick
Welting Optional
3" - 8" Thick
Welting Optional
2" - 8" Thick
Welting Optional
2" Thick
Welting Optional

We offer a full line of custom church pew cushions in hundreds of fabrics including furniture grade Sunbrella® fabrics made with solution-dyed acrylic yarns. Made in the USA and custom made to fit your specifications, we work hard to give you quality cushions that your congregation can enjoy for many years to come.

Choosing the Cushion Right for Your Church

Church Pew Cushions


It is important when selecting the right fabric for your church pew cushions. Depending on what color stain was used on your church pews, choosing the right shade/color of fabric is very important. We will be glad to assist you in making the right choice to ensure by making sure the color coordinates are in line.


Since most church pew cushions are just an extra long bench cushion, there are a few decisions that have to be made before ordering your church pew cushion. The type of cushion edge is important as well - deciding on standard boxed edge cushion, single welted cushion, or double welted cushion (most popular), depends on the overall décor level of your sanctuary.


We highly recommend that the thickness of your church pew cushions be no thicker than 4". Thickness is measured by putting the cushion flush on a flat surface and measuring from the surface to the highest point of the cushion.

Styles and Options

Pew cushions can be customized to fit pews of any size or shape. Since most church pews will be longer than what our standard shapes may offer, you may need to be a custom quote over the phone. Give us a call at #[phone]# and we'll be glad to get you started. You may also decide to split the long pew into multiple cushion sections. This not only cuts down on shipping costs, but it will provide for a longer-lasting product that is less prone to wrinkling. We specialize in classic pew cushions, with or without ties. Velcro may be added as a special order.