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Tom Foreman on the CNN Express in Montgomery, Alabama. Feature story "Holding onto Young Talent" features Online Commerce Group.
It can be thrilling to work at a company that embraces opportunities to approach problems with creative solutions. Part of the fun is not always knowing what challenges you will face when you show up each day. But no one really expects to walk in and get a phone call from a friend with a local TV station saying, "Hey, I just told a crew from CNN about your cool business, and they asked for your address! Don't be surprised if they show up to talk to you today." Then Tom Foreman walks in your front door 10 minutes after the phone call.

So it went on the morning of March 16, 2010 for Gerry Monroe, founder and CEO of Montgomery-based Online Commerce Group (OCG). Mr. Foreman spent almost an hour touring the operation and speaking with programmers, website content designers, customer service, and even the cut-and-sew production team that makes custom cushions for, one of OCG''s most successful brands.

"Being available, attentive, and prepared for unexpected opportunities are key disciplines for any business. Those attributes have certainly served us well since we started in 2004. However, I'll admit I was surprised and felt a little unprepared to be interviewed on such short notice knowing it could air to a national TV audience," said Monroe. "Tom was a true professional and allowed me to just speak from the heart about my passion for our great team of people and serving the customers who reward us with their business every day. It was fun and humbling at the same time to get that opportunity."

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