Kitchen updates: Add a new look before the holiday feast

window seat

The holidays are around the corner, do you have plans to invite friends and family over? It might be time to rethink your kitchen area. It’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home so take a long hard look at what is stopping your kitchen from looking its best. Most would say they need to replace the counter tops, appliances and lighting. While this would be ideal, why not go a different route and update your chairs and kitchen nooks with custom cushions? Cushions can create an impact quickly and inexpensively, without having to renovate your entire kitchen before the holidays.


The best way to begin your makeover is to start with your kitchen palette and allow your fabrics to play the main role in accessorizing. If you have red walls or a neutral kitchen, fabrics will add so much punch and style, so go with the colors you really love. Coordinate different colors in your kitchen to bring dimension. Floral and striped fabrics will really help bring character to cushions and pillows so consider patterns to help give texture to your kitchen.

Fabric Durability

What type of fabric should you buy for your kitchen? Sunbrella fabrics are what you ought to consider. They are designed to weather the elements outdoors, which make these ideal for the elements indoors. Sunbrella is fade resistant for up to five years so cushions on kitchen nooks near windows, which are exposed to continuous sunlight, will not fade. They are water resistant as well. You can spill anything on these and the liquid will roll off, allowing for a more resilient and lasting cushion.

Cushion Thickness

The shape and size of your seats are very important if you are trying to fit a store bought cushion, but when buying custom, you can create any cushion you desire. Measure your seats, benches and stools to your specifications; don’t forget about the thickness of your cushions though. It’s important to choose the comfort level you want. Two-inch thickness gives you minimal comfort and is great for stools and kitchen chairs. Three-inch thickness is perfect for kitchen nooks and bench seating. Four to six inch cushions provide optimal comfort, but may not be necessary in a kitchen environment.

With the holidays coming quickly, choose cushions and pillows to help redecorate your kitchen before family and guests arrive. You’ll love the look and so will everyone else.

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