Create a fall harvest living room

fall pillows

Some of the best weather is during the fall harvest months. There are colors and textures which are incomparable to any other time of year. Even though this season seems to come and go very quickly, it is great to revel in all its glory, even if just for a moment. Decorating our homes is one way we welcome the season with open arms. Though we sometimes make decorating a difficult task, it doesn’t have to be.

Let nature inspire your fabric choice

First and foremost, get inspired by nature. Just open your door and take in all the hues and textures that surround you. Burnt oranges, reds, yellows and browns are just a few of the colors to pull from in your color selection. Don’t get stuck with just one color throughout your room. Try pairing different fabrics to add dimension.

Throw pillows are a simple way to utilize fall fabrics

Pillows are one of the quickest ways to add a fall touch to your space. With added accessories, such as candles, flowers and wreathes, to help bring the fall holidays to life, throw pillows will complete the look. Pillows are comfortable and warm up a living room, especially if you have a neutral and stark space.

Change out drapes for the season

Another way to spice up a living room during the fall is to add drapes. Although drapes can be costly, it’s worth the expense. Drapes or curtains can give an opulent look and ambiance to a room as well as provide functionality. Choose heavy thick fabrics, rather than sheers, to add mass and weight to windows. Choose solid or vertical striped fabric to make a room appear taller. You can also hang the curtain rod just a foot higher than the frame of your window to create height. If you are on a serious budget, try using long pieces of fabric to drapes around the ends of the curtain rods on either side then add some thick ribbon to mimic tiebacks. In doing so, you’ve made an inexpensive and temporary decorating solution.

By utilizing the right fabrics on pillows, drapes and accessories, you can make any room in your home a fun fall holiday space.

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