5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home

The new year is the perfect time for a fresh start for so many things. Now is the time to take the opportunity to refresh your home. These easy tips will bring life into your home for a new look! 

1. Repurpose What You Already Have

Refreshing your home doesn’t mean bringing in all new things. Sometimes you just need a new perspective on what you already have. Take a look at what is currently in your home and see how it can work in a new way. Move your couch to a different part of the room or swap out rugs with a different room. Simply moving things around can give a whole new look.  

2. Personalize Your Decor

Using generic decor in your home makes decorating super easy, but to create that Insta-worthy look, take the time to make it yours by adding some personal touches. Use a gallery of family portraits instead of store-bought artwork or bring in a piece of antique furniture to add more character. Unique pieces can create a whole new look in your home. 

3. Mix in a New Pattern

Create a new look by adding a fresh new pattern to your space. Add new curtains in a subtle print to your bedroom or swap out your throw pillows on your couch with a bold pattern. Don’t hesitate to mix and match patterns, too!

4. Declutter and Organize

Grab some pretty baskets and begin to go through things to declutter and reorganize. Finding new ways to make sure those miscellaneous items are put away and getting rid of clutter is a great way for things to feel refreshed. Pretty baskets also double as great decor elements while hiding your things. 

5. Add Life

During the Christmas season, we get used to having greenery in our homes from trees, wreaths, and other decorations, but there is no reason for the greenery to completely disappear after the season is over. Add an indoor tree, like a fiddle leaf fig, where the Christmas tree was to enjoy all year. Snag some pickings from outside and add them to vases throughout your home, too!

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