5 Spring Cleaning Must-Dos

Welcome spring into your home with deep cleaning, making it feel fresh and new again. To get motivated to get your spring cleaning going, we have five must-dos to help make it easier!  

1. Do Schedule a Time to Clean

Maximize your time by creating a schedule. Set aside a weekend (or two) to get your spring cleaning done without interruption. If you go ahead and schedule a time to fully clean, you will be more likely to finish the entire house rather just trying to clean when you get a chance.

2. Do Make a Checklist

Creating a checklist of what you need to get done for your spring cleaning can make the task more manageable. While seeing everything you need to do written out may be overwhelming, the satisfaction of crossing things off the list brings gratification.

3. Do Start Small

When beginning your spring cleaning, be sure to start small. You want to start with a task you can fully complete, such as the bathrooms or the kitchen. Avoid jumping around to different spots throughout your house so that everything ends up spotless.

4. Do Clean From Top to Bottom

By cleaning things from top to bottom, you are ensuring things are the cleanest they can be. By starting at the top, you continue to knock the dirt downwards so that you save yourself time by not having to go over the same spots twice.

5. Do Maximize Your Space

Maximize your space by decluttering things you never use anymore. Decluttering your space makes it more livable. Pull everything off those shelves, clean out the refrigerator and freezer, and empty out the cabinets. After going through things, make sure you put things back neatly and in an organized fashion that you can adhere to at all times.  

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