5 Ways to Clean Your Outdoor Cushions

Your outdoor cushions go through a lot – from getting crammed into storage during the changing seasons, to accidentally being left out in the rain, to getting food and drinks spilled on them during a backyard barbecue. To make sure they last and continue to look good, keeping them clean is key. While a frequent good hosing off with just water will work wonders, sometimes it’s not enough. Here are five ways to get those stubborn stains off your outdoor cushions.

1. How to Clean Mold and Mildew

When a surprise shower appears, we can’t always prevent our cushions from getting wet, which sometimes results in mold and mildew. While ensuring your cushions drain and dry properly will help, mold and mildew can’t always be prevented. To get rid of mold and mildew, combine 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid and one cup bleach per one gallon water. Allow for the stained area to sit in the mixture for 15 minutes and then wet a clean sponge or towel and gently scrub the area. Rinse thoroughly to ensure there is no residue and allow to air dry.

2. How to Clean Wine and Beverage Stains

Spills happen, but nothing should get in the way of having a good time. Enjoy your time outside without worrying about your cushions getting stained. Quickly blot up any excess liquid, spray and saturate the affected area with 303 Spot Cleaner and wipe clean.

3. How to Clean Grease and Oil Stains

Cushions that are used by the pool are more likely to get oil-based stains from sunscreen and lotions. Do not try to wipe off the oil or grease stain, as this could cause it to spread. By applying cornstarch to the stain, it acts as an absorbent pulling the oil out of the fabric. After letting the cornstarch sit, vacuum or scrape it off with a straight edge. Clean up any remaining stain with dishwashing liquid and water.  

4. How to Clean Ketchup and Mustard Stains

With fun backyard barbecues comes the chance of ketchup, mustard, or even barbecue sauce stains. Be sure to quickly blot up the spill. Mix 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid per one gallon water and gently scrub the solution into the stain to loosen it out of the fabric. Be sure to rinse the solution and soapy residue off thoroughly and let air dry.

5. How to Clean Bird and Tree Droppings

With outdoor living, things happen in nature that sometimes become a mess. Be sure to remove any remnants of the mess to assess how bad the stain is. Spray the entire stain thoroughly with 303 Spot Cleaner and use a small brush to gently work the spot cleaner into the stain. Rinse thoroughly and let air dry.

Pro Tip: Once your cushions are clean, use 303 Fabric Guard to protect your cushions and make cleanup even easier next time!