4 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home

4 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Decorating any space is an exciting and creative challenge. It’s like a fresh canvas waiting for you to put your mark on it. The question is, “What does that mark look like?”

Well, at this moment it looks like color! Decorating with color is the perfect avenue for setting the mood you’re looking for in your soon-to-be newly decorated space. It gives you tons of leeway to brighten or darken any room, or just keep it neutral. It can provide that pop of color everyone loves or create a smooth flowing theme throughout.

4 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home

1. Use the Color Wheel for Inspiration

The color wheel is a great source of inspiration. Using the color wheel can help you create color combinations that will be beautiful and flattering together. Primary and secondary colors are a great start to get an idea of what colors you do and don’t want. In between primary and secondary colors are tertiary colors, or the color created by mixing together. Each of these colors has different shades of light and dark. The color options are endless!

Color Wheel

Use complementary colors, or two colors from opposite sides of the wheel, to create an exciting and eye-catching color scheme. Pick your favorite color and its complementary color and mix it up with different hues of the colors. For instance, blush pink and pale blue is a trending color combination that makes a beautiful pair and will add freshness to any space. Figure out your comfort level and start from there.

4 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home

2. Choose Bold Colors

Sometimes adding bold colors to a room can be a little nerve racking. Scary “what if” questions start to flood your mind. Questions like, “What if these pillows don’t match anything in my house?” Or, “What if these colors don’t mix very well?” But my “what if” questions for you are, “What if that royal blue chair or canary yellow curtains add a PERFECT touch to your living room? What if that one bold color piece was all the room was missing to be complete?” Let your true colors shine through your home, be bold, and be courageous. Buy that bright emerald green lamp for your sitting room, or the bright orange towels for your bathroom. Take a step of home decor faith. If you find yourself leaning towards one certain color, don’t be afraid to use it! Placing items of the same color around a room can tie a look together, giving it a nice flow.

4 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home

3. Utilize Accessories

Accessories in a room are a non-permanent way to add pops of color to any room. Simply adding key accessories like throws, pillows, rugs, placemats, and lamps can be a great start on your color decorating journey. Add custom colorful curtains to any room to tie in every part of the room. Use custom curtains in a bedroom to tie in your colorful throw pillows. Even adding a fresh bouquet of flowers in a bright colored vase to a coffee table, countertop, side table, or dining room table can give your rooms a different kind of fresh feel. Express your vibrant personality with wall decor, whether it be a colorful clock or bright colored paintings. Accessorizing your room may be a good starting point for those who are a little shy to start a colorful journey in your home.

How to Add Color

4. Jazz Up Neutral Spaces

If your space is full of beautiful neutrals, picking a bold colored item, such as an ottoman, chair, or even curtains, can really give the room the statement it needs. A fun, happy medium for being conservative and bold at the same time could be creating an accent wall. Depending on the color you choose, an accent wall can be a subtle, stylish decoration or a daring statement. A soft, colorful rug can be added to a room to give color from the floor up. Use custom colorful throw pillows to add personality to your neutral couch. Refinish an old piece of furniture and give it a fun color to give it some attention when your guests walk in the room.

4 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Deciding on colors to use can be overwhelming, but starting small can help you find your decorative groove. Next time you find yourself decorating, be sure to keep color in mind. Whether you are trying to make a bold statement, or bring out soft hues, picking the perfect colors can transform any space, creating a makeover worth getting excited about! Try any of these tips and let your true colors shine.