3 ways to transform a window seat area

Window seats have gained widespread popularity in recent years for their light-filled spots and cozy alcoves that offer comfortable places to kick back and relax. Let’s face it, we are drawn to the small, little enclaves in a home. These tightly-fitted nooks and crannies not only provide architectural interest but serve as functional seating and in some cases storage – not to mention space boosters. In addition to providing useable seating, window seats offer comfort as well as serene views to the outdoors. As long as there is a walled niche area in front of a window, a window seat can be used in any room in the house – from kitchen banquettes to bathroom voids.

Window seat cushions can take a bland, awkward space and turn it into a comfy and decorated one that may just end up being a much-loved room focal point. When deciding on what to do with an existing nook or bay window if you are thinking of adding a new one, consider the following 3 ways to make over the seating area using a custom cushion.

1) Deluxe window seat cushions add a perfect accent to a favorite hideaway space used for sipping a latte or planning a day of shopping

Deluxe Window Seat Cushion
Deluxe Window Seat Cushion in Sunbrella Basil with White Poly Twill Welting (customer submitted photo)

For any indoor application, take advantage of deluxe-style window seat cushions for converting a plain, uncomfortable or outdated window bench space into a warm, relaxed and cheerful one. Ideal for any size seating area, deluxe cushions are custom-tailored with the option of including buttons for creating a plump, embellished cushion. Although decorative buttons are optional, the well-padded look is accentuated with sewn buttons – but the inner foam filling wrapped in a layer of batting provides the plush, puffy feel that our deluxe cushions are known for. With cushion thickness ranging from 3 to 8 inches, window seating can become a soft and extra comfy spot where curling up with a good book or snuggling with the kids comes natural.

2) A standard window seat cushion or bay window cushion is more than just a basic cushion – it offers limitless seating on any rainy Sunday

Standard Window Seat Cushion
Indoor Window Seat Haven with Standard Window Seat Cushion (customer photo)

Standard-style window seat cushions are as easily described as the name implies – a standard bench-style seating cushion – that can be made-to-order for almost any size window seat. However, standard cushions come with the selective option of choosing a weather-resistant inner filling (CumuPlush) for design applications that may be exposed to outdoor elements, such as a sunroom or screened-in porch. With an available cushion thickness of anywhere from 2 to 8 inches, a regular window seat cushion can also include trimmings such as welting or ties that add a simplistic, yet ultimate style to any room.

3) Bring a classic and defined look to your window seat area with a button-tufted window seat cushion

Button Tufted Window Seat Cushion
Button Tufted Window Seat Cushion

Offered as a 4-inch thick cushion with a maximum width of up to 48 inches, tufted-style window seat cushions create an eclectic and traditional look. With a deep poly-fill loosely blown into the cushion shell and finished with decorative buttons or circle tacks, tufted cushions will not only draw the eye into the space but will add a charming, visual appeal no matter the chosen colors or fabric materials. Utilizing matching button tufts or circle tacks, these window seat cushions are as comfy as they are stylish and create one of the best padded indoor escapes for relaxing or chatting the day away.

Design your custom window seat cushion!