#HomeGoals: 4 Easy Ways to Have the Home of Your Dreams


It’s easy to find yourself looking at images of homes online and wishing your home could look like that, too. Those goals for your home are easier to accomplish than you might think. The key is to start small and not take on a whole room at once. Here are four easy ways to transform your home to reach those #homegoals you’ve dreamed about.

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How to Get Eclectic Style in Your Home Now

How to Get Eclectic Style in Your Home Now
Eclectic style is the harmonious blend of several decorating types combined with your own personal flair. Eclectic décor is cozy and fun, often emanating a carefree, go-with-the-flow appearance. Because eclectic décor is a direct reflection of your personality, this style should be more about curating than styling a room. By decorating with the things you love, you can transform your home into a blissful, personalized haven. Read more

How to Apply the Art of Minimalism to Your Home


If you’ve ever watched any home renovation show, you’re sure to have seen many designers use minimalism to create the wow effect of a room. The popularity of minimally designed homes has become more prominent as older homes are being remodeled. Read more

6 Clever Hacks to Make the Most of Outdoor Spaces


Just because summer is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean you have to stop utilizing your outdoor patio. With these six clever hacks, you can make the most of your outdoor space any time of the year! Read more