How to Make Your Poolside Decor Feel Like a Dream Vacation

Having a pool at home is a luxury to enjoy whenever you want. There are few things better on a hot day than just being able to walk right outside to cool off in your own space. Turn your pool into a place that feels like you’re on a dream vacation that you never want to leave!

Add Tropical Plants

An easy way to feel like you’re in the tropical islands is to add plants around the pool. Add potted palm plants of different styles or add a functional plant like a lemon tree that looks pretty while you can get use out of it, too!

Create a Designated Organized Space

There a several things you must have around the pool – towels, sunscreen, and floats, just to name a few. Create a designated space that’s out of the way, but easily accessible to keep everything nice and neat. You don’t want to have your main space cluttered by the necessities you have to keep around the pool.

Drape Lights

Pools aren’t just for use during the day. Drape string lights around the pool to add soft, romantic light to enjoy an evening hosting a party or just hanging out with the family. String lights add just enough light to be able to see when it’s dark outside without those harsh spotlights that might be on your house.

Establish a Shaded Spot

Poolside Seating

While getting that sun-kissed look on your skin is great, you want to be sure you protect it at the same time. If you don’t have trees around your pool to keep you in the shade, consider adding umbrellas. Umbrellas are an easy way to create the shade you will need to keep out of the sun. Keep them closed when you’re wanting some sun or open to keep you out of it.

Set Up a Place to Lounge

Poolside Chaise Lounge

One of the best parts about being on vacation is being able to lounge around in the sun and not worry about anything. Create a couple of areas around your pool to help you relax. Add lounge chairs to one area of the pool and a table and chairs to another. Be sure to add cushions to your lounge chairs or table chairs to add comfort and even more relaxation.

Add Poolside Seating

Poolside Seating

While you have your spots to lounge around in, sometimes you want to hang out where you can be in the water. Add some cushions around the pool for a comfortable spot to sit while you dangle your feet in the cool water.

Keep the Pool Clean

With people swimming in the pool, oils from skin and sunscreen will wash off in the water. Throw a couple tennis balls in the pool and let them float around. (Maybe the dogs won’t just dive in for them!) The felt on the tennis balls will collect all those oils that are on the surface of the water. Just be sure to give the tennis balls a wash every few days so they can continue to help keep the pool clean!