How to Be Cozy in Your Outdoor Space When It’s Cold


Your backyard doesn’t have to expire because summer has ended. With cooler temperatures arriving, cozying up around a fire in the backyard becomes the perfect way to spend any evening. Here are six ways to extend your outdoor area into the fall.

1. Create a Cozy Outdoor Living Room

Fall Outdoor Living

On a cool fall night, create a cozy spot to gather with family and friends. A sectional sofa maximizes your outdoor seating where everyone can enjoy the company and conversation of one another.

2. Add an Outdoor Daybed

Daybed Swing Cushion

An outdoor daybed is the perfect spot to snuggle up during the cooler months. With a comfortable daybed cushion and a handful of throw pillows, grab a blanket and enjoy the changing leaves and crisp air.

3. Enjoy Breezy Dining

Robbins Garden

Take advantage of the weather by dining outside. Add a freestanding chimney near your table to create a warming center piece. Dining outside in the cooler temps means no pesky bugs floating around!

4. Add a Focal Fire Pit


A fire pit not only creates warmth and adds light for your outdoor enjoyment, it creates a focal piece for your backyard. A fire is always a fun to gather around and roast hotdogs or marshmallows, too.

5. Make a Pillow Swap

Healdsburg Transformation

Change up of the look of your summer-ready outdoor sofa by adding new pillows in seasonal colors. Start with a neutral base color that can be used year round, then add darker shades of greens and blues or grays paired with orange accents to add a pop.

6. Wrap Up

Pool House

Enjoying an evening around a fire with the family is a fun way to spend any night. Keep a basket of blankets nearby so everyone can easily grab one when they begin to get cold.