Your guide to green fabric: The year’s hottest shades

Outdoor living is forecast to become even more of “the thing” in 2013, and emerald green is the hottest color of the year. How would you incorporate shades of green fabric into your living spaces?

The new neutral: A look at green fabric choices

Color draws the eye; it excites the senses; it commands attention. This year, any shade of green is being treated as neutral, and emerald green in particular is the bold splash which will transition across any genre of style and taste you may have.


Traditional style is classic. Connoisseurs of old-world elegance and refined sophistication wrap their desires around the cool neutral shades in Premier Print’s Chocolate/Natural Paisley or Traditions Artist Green/Slub damask. Other traditional green pattern styles are tone-on-tone prints, such as Sunbrella’s Camille Laurel and Legacy Kiwi.

Paisley Chocolate Natural green fabric  Traditions Artist Green Slub green fabric

Sunbrella Camille Laurel green fabric  Sunbrella Legacy Kiwi green fabric

Visualize traditional greens

These traditional types of green patterns look simply lovely on drapes, pillows and more.

Drapes in paisley green fabric


Tranquil style is the beauty and the colors of nature growing.  It is the new old-school.  While slightly preppy, it incorporates earth’s color tones and her rustic landscapes.  This includes fabrics with botanicals as in Outdura’s Gazebo Palm and the floral in Sunbrella’s Violetta Baltic, as well as the simple stripes in Outdura’s Bistro Apple and Sunbrella’s Harwood Peridot.  Mystery and intrigue weave their way into jewel tone fabrics that whisper karma.

Outdura Gazebo Palm green fabric    Sunbrella Violetta Baltic green fabric

Outdura Bistro Apple green fabric    Sunbrella Harwood Peridot green fabric

Visualize tranquil greens

Chaise cushion in Sunbrella Harwood Peridot green fabric


Contemporary is bold, crisp and clean.  This style screams glamor from the art-deco patterns, to the lively botanicals, as well as the bold stripes and cool solids.  Tribal colors in this group are vibrant with powerful combinations joining arms with softening solid colors.  Out of the ordinary color combinations stand out like candy-color hues in this decor.

Covington HL-Bellami Pear green fabric   Robert Allen Baja Stripe Turquoise green fabric

Robert Allen Magnus Mineral Green fabric   Robert Allen Malakos Malachite green fabric

Visualize contemporary greens

Designer Duvet pillow in Robert Allen Magnus green fabric


Seaside is resilient and for the rugged individuals who adore aquatics and sandscapes.  The colors are bold and vibrant with classic stripes and safe solids.  Surface treatments display brilliant ocean shades with a touch of storm building grays or a splash of tranquil olive green.  Listen close and you will hear the waves calling you  .

Robert Allen Ludlow Mineral Green fabric    Ornette Moire Verdigris green fabric

Sunbrella Spa gray green fabric   Robert Allen Freewater Aqua gray green fabric

Visualize oceanic greens

Shirred bolster in Robert Allen Ludlow Mineral Green fabric

Solids and Coordinating Colors

Solid shades of subtle green are great ways to add color to your decor without changing much. Pair these greens with culinary inspirations that provide pops of unexpected color, such as shades of orange like Sunbrella’s Spectrum Cayenne or Outdura’s Scoop Chili. Wow!

Outdura Pesto green fabric Sunbrella Parrot green fabric

Sunbrella Vellum outdoor fabric Robert Allen Canvas Duck Slate fabric

Outdura Scoop Chili outdoor fabric Sunbrella Spectrum Cayenne outdoor fabric

Bring it outdoors

Extending your living space to the outdoors is taking even more of a forefront than it did last year.  Colors, textures and genres have no boundaries when mixed with resilient outdoor fabrics on cushions, pillows, outdoor drapes and sun-shielding umbrellas.  Ground the setting by using Sunbrella’s outdoor fabrics in the new neutral – shades of green.  Work from the ground up, adding splashes of color as you go.  Cushions have a dual purpose here – to draw you to eye-catching comfort and to be the platform for entertainment seating.  Pillows in solids and stripes set imaginations to flight with their elegance and whimsy.  Cushion Source has an abundant well of fabrics to draw from as well as a never depleting selection of cushions and pillows from which to select.  If you can imagine it Cushion Source can make it — and make it well!

What outdoor space would be complete without a reprieve from the sun?  Yours is no exception.  Patio umbrellas are not just a shade any longer.  While there is a huge range of colors to choose from, you can also be extravagant.  Umbrellas are graced with lighting and music, now even including the option of playing tunes from your iPod!  Outdoor drapes envelop your extended living space providing shade from the sun and an elegant backdrop for a romantic evening.

Green fabric goes outdoors

Indoor elegance

What could be more elegant than an emerald-colored tufted headboard with curtains in the rich blues and greens in Robert Allen’s Sunscape Caribe, and pillows galore on top of a custom duvet? This year, Cushion Source will become one of the very few sources for online custom bed products.  Curtains serve a dual function: to shield the room from excess sunlight and to add elegance.  The choices are endless with indoor fabrics from Sunbrella, Robert Allen and silk Dupione in every shade imaginable.

Let your imagination run wild this spring!  Start from the floor and work your way up.  We are sure your extended living space will reflect the timelessness in style and color that will “WOW” your neighbors, friends and family.


Green kitchen with green fabric


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