8 Helpful Do’s and Don’ts of Home Decorating

8 Helpful Dos and Don'ts of Home Decorating

Putting together the perfect look for your home isn’t always an easy task. To make it a little easier to put things together, here are a few common mistakes that are made when decorating a home and how to fix them.

Neutral Living Room Decor

Don’t: Push your furniture against the walls. Many people think it creates the illusion of a larger room, but it ends up just creating an awkward space.
Do: Allow your furniture to float in the room, but remember to note traffic patterns as you do this. Try angling in a pair of chairs facing the sofa creating more of a conversational grouping.

Orange Throw Pillows

Don’t: Buy small, stiff throw pillows – they’re not comfortable, and they don’t add anything to your seating.
Do: Add soft, plush pillows that will create shape. Throw pillows that are at least 18” or larger create a look that feels like you had someone come in and design your home for you!

Don’t: Skimp on a rug size. Trying to use a rug that is too small is one of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating their home.
Do: Buy a larger rug. An area rug helps define the room and the way the furniture is laid out. Be sure the rug is large enough to lie at least under the front legs of the larger furniture and all legs of smaller pieces.

Don’t: Try and choose a paint color by holding up swatches to the wall. The appearance of a color can look completely different depending on its surrounding and light.
Do: Paint large test sections on the wall in different areas of lighting – for example, paint one section next to a window and another across the room where it doesn’t get as much light. Once you paint different sections, go in the room and take a look at different times of the day to make sure it is the right color you want.

Don’t: Overstuff a room. Furniture pieces are the biggest objects in a room, and furniture that is too large can be overwhelming.
Do: Think about scale and placement of the furniture. Choose one piece and make it the focal point. Make sure each furniture piece is appropriately sized for the room, as well as the other pieces in the room.

Don’t: Measure your curtains to just fit around the window. Having your curtains fit just the window not only makes the windows look smaller, but the entire room, too.
Do: Make sure your curtains hang several inches above the window and the outside of each side. This will elongate the windows and the ceiling height, making the room look and feel bigger.

Don’t: Try to match everything. Matching everything does not create any interest in a room, which probably means you will get tired of that decor quickly.
Do: Mix colors and patterns to create a collected look.

Don’t: Neglect your entry. It’s the first thing your guests see when they come into your home.
Do: Create a warm and welcoming feel in your home. Make sure your entryway is functional and not cluttered with stuff that gets in the way and distracts your guests from the beauty of your home.Pillows with Mixed Patterns