7 Inspirational Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

7 Inspirational Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor living spaces have been a long-time favorite. Whether it be to enjoy a morning cup of coffee on the front porch or host a barbecue in the backyard, outdoor living spaces have grown in popularity in recent years. More and more people are discovering new ways to take advantage and repurpose their outdoor space. No matter what kind of space you have, here are seven inspirational ways  you can create the perfect outdoor space for your home.

1. Make the Most of Small Space

Small Outdoor Living Space

Small outdoor spaces are often overlooked and underused. The space may be small, but it is still additional area of home that can provide additional living space. The key to decorating your small space is finding the perfect furniture and color to help make the space seem larger. L-shaped couches placed in a corner or bistro table and chairs are great ways to optimize small spaces. If you don’t have room for a small dining set, the use of benches and folding chairs with colorful outdoor cushions are another easy approach to making the most of your space. Since a smaller space doesn’t allow for much additional decor, use bold throw pillows on your couch or chairs to enhance your outdoor space.

2. Make an Impression

Adirondacks on the Porch

First impressions are important. As an entrance, people always pay attention to the details around the door. You may think of it as an entry, but turning your entry into a welcoming space can make a world of difference. Not only for admiring guests, but for you as well. When you leave home for work and come home again in the evening, the front porch is always an area gazed upon. For a simple addition, strategically place adirondack chairs to create a new place to relax and enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Using adirondack chairs can add another welcoming element of decor to your home, and adding throw pillows that complement the colors of your home will put the finishing touch on this new space.

3. Find a Balance of Indoors & Outdoors

Outdoor Living Screened Porch

A screened porch has many perks and is a great way to balance your indoor and outdoor living spaces. This type of outdoor space adds privacy to the feeling of being outdoors, with the satisfaction of keeping the bugs out! While a screened porch may not allow for as much light since there is a roof over head, keep things inside a good mixture of light and bright. Add pieces of furniture that feature natural elements.

4. Soak Up Some Sun

Chaise Lounges

If your backyard happens to have a pool, play up that space! Chaise lounges and pools go hand-in-hand. Make sure you have plenty of spots to relax and enjoy being in the sun. After a swim in the pool, a snack and a cold drink in the shade is a must! Add a table and umbrella to your poolside to complete your own perfect oasis.

5. Host a Soirée

Outdoor Dining

The perfect outdoor spot is a good excuse to host a gathering, and an outdoor kitchen makes those outdoor parties easier. Just like inside your home, the kitchen is where people tend to gather. An outdoor kitchen has an open and airy feel, perfect for hosting a large party where you won’t feel crowded!

6. Repurpose Furniture You Already Have

Black and White Outdoor Seating

When designing a space, there are times you’ll want to make the most of what you already have. Sometimes all you need is to add new elements, like new seat cushions with small details, to make it your space feel brand new. A fresh coat of paint to your furniture can quickly give it new bring it back to life and can be the perfect way to update your outdoor space!

7. Cozy Up to the Fire

Cozy Up to a Fire

While the warmer months lend to hosting outdoor parties, cooler weather doesn’t mean you can’t host an outdoor gathering. An outdoor fireplace is a fun way to bring warmth to your patio, plus it adds a new way to decorate! An outdoor fireplace not only creates warmth, but it creates an intimate, welcoming environment that is perfect for enjoying a quiet evening with family or friends.