How to choose throw pillows for your home

Incorporating throw pillows is one of the quickest ways to bring life to furniture, bedrooms and window seats without breaking the bank. Indoor throw pillows make a room more cozy and comfortable, more importantly they can provide a dramatic look to an otherwise dull room.

1. Evaluate the Colors in Your Space – Start by looking at your living space and analyzing the colors that are present. Color is key to a space.The colors that surround you will evoke different feelings and moods. Yellow is warm and cheerful. Red is energizing while greens and blues are soothing and relaxing. Figure out what mood you want your room to reflect.

2. Use Throw Pillows as the Accent Color – You may have a lot of neutral colors in your room that all blend into one another. Cream, beige, white and toffee colors are neutral tones and would go perfectly with an assortment of bright colored and patterned throw pillows. These will help make a room pop. Red, green or yellow throw pillows can be spectacular color transformation in a room of neutrals. Choose patterned throw pillows that coordinate with a solid color. This will add interest and depth.

If you have a room that has a lot going on already it might be safe to choose one color that coordinates with many patterns and different colors in your space without adding clutter. This is when neutral throw pillows are the perfect solution. White, black or gray throw pillows will unify your furniture and give your space a sleeker, cleaner look.

3. Use Textured Throw Pillows – Besides using color to influence and dress up your space, think about how texture and shine can make your room even more spectacular. Beautiful silk throw pillows are really stunning in a living room or bedroom setting. The natural sunlight and lighting in your space will reflect off these polished fabrics. Texture is important when you want to add substance to a room. Something that you can feel is essential in design. Having tassels, fringe and braiding are embellishments that set your indoor pillows apart. You should choose what best suits your style.

4. Add Throw Pillows to Unexpected Areas – Think of utilizing indoor throw pillows as more than the typical accessory. Try these on the floor for extra seating. Use throw pillows around coffee tables to create an intimate conversational area. You can customize your throw pillows to make them large enough for a corner lounge area. A bright assortment of pillows tossed in a child’s playroom or on a window seat will give you impact and also provide function for your little ones.

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