6 Clever Hacks to Make the Most of Outdoor Spaces


Just because summer is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean you have to stop utilizing your outdoor patio. With these six clever hacks, you can make the most of your outdoor space any time of the year!

1. Block the Sun, Not Your View

Shangrila - Marin County, CA
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When enjoying time in your outside space, the last thing you want is the harsh sun beating down on you making it hotter. But what if you don’t want your view to always be blocked? The solution is temporary shading. Whether you want something draped across the top of your patio or down the side, a custom shade is just what you need.

Pro Tip: Sunbrella fabrics are perfect for outdoor shades with tons of fabric options to choose from. If you’re looking to add a shade across the top of your patio, outdoor drapes with grommets are a good option Take it one step further and customize them by having grommets added on both ends so you can easily slide the shade to make it retractable. All you need to do is add a sturdy wire rope where you want to hang it!

2. Create an Optical Illusion

If your outdoor space is a bit on the smaller side or you just want to make your yard look like it goes on forever, enhance it by making it feel larger with a mirror. Just like when adding a mirror indoors, adding a mirror outside to your patio creates the illusion of a larger space by reflecting its surroundings.

3. Utilize Pallet Furniture

Cushion Source Pallet-Sofa

With the trend of reclaimed wood on the rise for all things decor, why not use it for your furniture, too? Using pallets to create seating is not only cost effective, but also simple to build and maintain. Simply stack pallets to the desired height you want then add seat cushions and throw pillows for comfort and a personalized touch!

4. Stencil Your Concrete

Concrete patios or sunrooms can be boring, but a simple and effective way to create appeal in this outdoor space is to add a pattern to your concrete floor. Creating a pattern on your floor is an easy DIY project to make the most of your patio. Simply start with finding a stencil pattern and paint color you want. Begin the process by prepping your concrete by cleaning and sealing it. Once that is done, lay out your stencil starting in a corner and working outwards. You may want to make sure you have a large or multiple stencils so you can easily create a design without having to move it around too much. Taping it to the ground will assure it doesn’t move while you are painting. With a large foam roller and your choice of paint, start rolling your concrete patio until you have the design and space you want painted complete.

5. Mix and Match Furniture

Sunbrella Charcoal Concrete Built-in Cushions

Forget traditional rules when eclectic rules! If you’ve collected a variety of outdoor furniture over the years, don’t feel like you need to get a new set just because it doesn’t all match. Whether you have a bunch of mix-matched pieces of furniture or natural elements that create seating, you can easily bring them all together by adding a common element to each piece, such as matching cushions or throw pillows. Adding matching cushions or throw pillow brings a cohesiveness to the furniture, making your patio furniture all go together.

6. Use Wine Bottles as Tiki Torches

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Tiki torches are a great lighting resource and work well at keeping bugs away, but staking them into your yard isn’t always an option. Upcycle old wine bottles into new tiki torches instead! With a wine bottle tiki torch, they can easily be moved around to where needed.