2011 Spring Pillow Collection

Our 2011 Spring Collection is a combination of outdoor and indoor throw pillows, lumbar and bolsters. These sets are made with weather-defying outdoor Sunbrella fabrics or indoor designer Robert Allen and Premiere fabrics. Unique combinations of bold prints, jacquards and stripes make up this year’s collection. This season’s latest trend combines traditional and contemporary design, calm neutrals and soothing hues to make your outdoor and indoor spaces elegant and divine. Don’t forget your kid’s rooms! Fun sets like Pink Babies Fancy and Elephant Kelso Striped are the perfect accessory to any child’s room or play area.

Our decorative throw pillows will add style and charm to your outdoor/indoor living space! You can easily match your existing decor or redecorate with our selection of fabric choices. Dress up your indoor furniture with coordinating accent throw pillows. Choose from hundreds of Sunbrella furniture grade fabrics and patterns that will match your outdoor furnishings and patio umbrellas!

CushionSource.com Bongo Fortune Set
Bongo Fortune Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 Outdura Bongo Chocolate throw pillow
10×16 Outdura fortune Mocha lumbar pillow
CushionSource.com Pink Babies Fancy Set
Pink Babies Fancy Set(indoor)
18×18 Jungle Babies-Bella/Cozy throw pillow
6×16 Fancy-Bella/Cozy bolster pillow
CushionSource.com Blossom Jade Taupe Set
Blossom Jade Taupe Set(indoor)
18×18 RA Vintage Blossom Jade
10×16 Linen Taupe lumbar pillow
CushionSource.com Bluehaze Gavin Mist Set
Bluehaze Gavin Mist Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 Sunbrella Cabaret Bluehaze throw pillow
10×16 Sunbrella Gavin Mist lumbar pillow
CushionSource.com Ozborne Lipstick Set
Ozborne Lipstick Set(indoor)
18×18 Ozborne Black throw pillow
10×16 Canopy Lipstick lumbar pillow
CushionSource.com Malay Foster Surfside Set
Malay Foster Surfside Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 Sunbrella Malay Surfside throw pillow
6×16 Sunbrella Foster Surfside bolster pillow
CushionSource.com Madison Purple Twill Set
Madison Purple Twill Set(indoor)
18×18 Madison Black throw pillow
10×16 Purple Poly Twill lumbar pillow
CushionSource.com Wild Thing Kona Set
Wild Thing Kona Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 Outdura Wild Thing Patina throw pillow
6×16 Incline Kona bolster pillow
CushionSource.com Bangladesh Plush Earth Set
Sunbrella Bangladesh Earth Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 Bangladesh Stratosphere throw pillow
6×16 Plush Earth bolster pillow
CushionSource.com Hooty Turquoise Vertical Set
Hooty Turquoise Vertical Set(indoor)
18×18 Hooty-True Turquoise throw pillow
10×16 Vertical Black lumbar pillow
CushionSource.com Amsterdam Desoto Set
Amsterdam Desoto Set(indoor)
18×18 Amsterdam True Turquoise throw pillow
10×16 Desoto Black lumbar pillow
CushionSource.com Lagoon Gavin Mist Set
Lagoon Gavin Mist Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 Sunbrella Junction Lagoon throw pillow
6×16 Sunbrella Gavin Mist bolster pillow
CushionSource.com Parakeet Macaw Set
Parakeet Macaw Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 Sunbrella Limbo Parakeet throw pillow
6×16 Sunbrella Macaw bolster pillow
CushionSource.com Kiki Duck Set
Kiki Duck Set(indoor)
18×18 RA Kiki Azure throw pillow
6×10 RA Canvas Duck Leaf bolster pillow
CushionSource.com Umma Truffle Pickard Set
Umma Truffle Pickard Set(indoor)
18×18 RA Umma Shawl Truffle throw pillow
10×16 Pickard Birch lumbar pillow
CushionSource.com Laguna China Red Set
Laguna China Red Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 Outdura Tradewinds Laguna throw pillow
6×16 Outdura Incline China Red bolster pillow
CushionSource.com Baja Floral Stripe Set
Baja Floral Stripe Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 RA Baja Floral Turquoise throw pillow
6×10 RA Baja Stripe bolster pillow
CushionSource.com Elephant Kelso Stripe Set
Elephant Kelso Stripe Set(indoor)
18×18 Ele French Blue/Kelso throw pillow
6×16 Canopy Stripe Kelso/French Blue bolster pillow
CushionSource.com Scrolls Dotscape Set
Scrolls Dotscape Set(indoor)
18×18 RA Soft Scrolls Jet throw pillow
6×16 RA Dotscape Jet bolster pillow
CushionSource.com Bangladesh Dune Cream Set
Bangladesh Dune Cream Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 Bangladesh Dune throw pillow
10×16 Sunbrella Canvas lumbar pillow
Legacy Jockey Red Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 Sunbrella Legacy Onyx throw pillow
6×16 Sunbrella Jockey Red bolster pillow
spring pillows
Sunset Earth Set(outdoor/indoor)
18×18 Sunbrella Rae Marie throw pillow
6×16 Sunbrella Plush Earth bolster pillow

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