4 Beautiful Breakfast Nooks That Will Make You Love Mornings

Beautiful Breakfast Nooks

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you should take the time to enjoy it each morning. Whether you’re an early bird or someone who hits the snooze button a few too many times, having the perfect breakfast nook in your kitchen can play a key role in getting your day started. Whether you enjoy sitting down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or preparing breakfast for the entire family, here are 4 beautiful ways to incorporate a breakfast nook into your home.

1. Keep It Consistent

Red Breakfast Nook Cushion

CONSISTENT- BREAKFAST NOOKS | CUSHION SOURCEIf you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen but have some awkward, unused corner space, adding seating can transform your kitchen. When creating a breakfast nook in the corner of your kitchen, design it to be a continuation of your kitchen, not an addition. For instance, if you are adding a breakfast nook next to your counters, the backs of your seating should be the same height as the top the counters, or backsplash if you desire a bit more height. If you are building a kitchen nook in between door frames or windows, be sure to use all of the wall space from frame to frame. Do not leave any space unused. Another great way to keep it consistent is reflecting the same look from your cabinetry. Carry over the same look of your cabinets to your banquettes by using the same trim or hardware.

2. Amplify Your Space

Striped Breakfast Nook Cushions
What’s better than adding a new usable space in a home, adding new space that serves multiple purposes. While a breakfast nook is a great way to add another focal point and additional seating, it is also a great way to add additional storage. Before adding the breakfast nook, you need to determine what items would store within the breakfast nook. Drawers are great for easy access to smaller stored items. Hinged tops on a bench is a great option to store items in larger in length or height. In either approach, adding storage will transform your breakfast nook into a multipurpose corner.

3. Incorporate Natural Light


WINDOW - BREAKFAST NOOKS | CUSHION SOURCE_2If you want a breakfast nook but think you don’t have anywhere for one to go, take a look at your windows. In most homes, space in front of windows in often left unused. Designing a breakfast nook around a window is not only a great way to reclaim space in your home, but adding a breakfast nook around natural light creates a relaxing spot to enjoy. If there isn’t enough space for a corner breakfast nook, you can add a bench with a window seat cushion underneath the window and place a smaller table, round or rectangular, in front of the bench. Now, you’ve updated your window to a breakfast nook and have the advantage of enjoying a space with natural light instead of harsh powered lights can be calming and relaxing..

4. Fake It

Green and White Breakfast Nook Cushions


If you just don’t have the space or are hesitant about adding permanent built-ins, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a breakfast nook to your kitchen, too. Create the illusion of a built-in banquette with long benches. If space allows, add two benches at a 90-degree angle with your table in front to create that same corner breakfast nook look. A single bench against a wall or window with your table and chairs can also give that same effect.

Once you have figured out which breakfast nook fits perfectly in your kitchen, dress it up with finishing touches. Adding a bench cushion creates comfort that makes you want to stay and enjoy that spot all day, while giving you a space to be creative with colors and prints. Throw pillows are also that perfect way to give it that finishing touch, creating more comfort and giving you the opportunity to have some fun with mixing patterns and colors.

*All images used in this blog post are actual Cushion Source customer images.