Kitchen cushions: Custom banquette & chair cushions add trendy style

Before family visits from across town or across the country for Christmas, add kitchen cushions to redecorate your dining area for your individual style.

Kitchen cushions - Custom window seat cushions
Add a new cushion to your kitchen’s window seat to provide a comfy spot to sip coffee and enjoy the sunrise. | Customer photo

Design custom kitchen cushions for your:

Also, add accents to your tablescape, such as:

Banquette seating is a modern throwback to days gone by

Banquette seating has been a beautiful statement in kitchens across the country in the past few years, and there’s no better way to upgrade your style than by adding beautiful, hand-crafted kitchen cushions to your banquette.

Banquette benches are often used as one or two sides of a dining table’s seating, or as a built-in perch in a breakfast nook. At Cushion Source, you can choose your favorite fabric for your custom banquette cushions, and turn your home dining area into a modern version of a throwback to your hometown diner.

Examples of kitchen banquette seating

Kitchen cushions - Custom banquette cushions
Banquette cushions add style and comfort to your kitchen. Choose a fabric pattern to accent your current decor. | Cushion Source photo
Kitchen cushions - Custom banquette cushions add trendy style
Add coordinating throw pillows to your banquette seating to provide a comfortable place to gather with the family. | Customer photo

Window seats are a beautiful way to take in the day

If you don’t have built-in banquette benches, there are other ways to upgrade your kitchen’s décor. If your kitchen has a window seat, adding a custom cushion will add creativity and will provide an accent to the rest of your interior design. Plus, it will also give you the perfect spot to enjoy the view with your morning coffee.

Examples of kitchen window seating

Kitchen cushions - Custom window seat cushions
Add a custom cushion to your kitchen window seat add to your elegant decor and provide a cozy spot to enjoy the view. | Customer photo
Kitchen cushions - Custom window seat cushions
Window seats in kitchens can be outfitted with custom cushions to enhance the style and comfort of your dining area. | Customer photo

Upgrade your dining chairs and bar stools for a classic look

Of course, the easiest and most popular way to add softness to your kitchen seating is by adding cushions to your dining chairs! Use the same fabric for your entire dining set, or use two coordinating fabrics for an extra boost of style. Cushions are also wonderful for seating in a breakfast nook and for counter bar stools.

Examples of kitchen seating with cushions

Kitchen cushions - Custom chair cushions add trendy style 2
Whether your dining chairs are round, square or trapezoid, adding cushions increases comfort and style for your dining experience. Choose a fabric and color that fits your decor and the mood you’re dreaming of. | Customer photo
Even a small breakfast nook can be upgraded with custom seat cushions. By fitting the fabric style to the overall look of the furniture and the room, you will have a “seamless” upgrade to high style. | Customer photo

** Helpful Hint… **

Be sure to add ties to any seat that will be moved around and used a lot, such as dining furniture and stools. Banquettes and window seats usually don’t need ties, but you can add them if you wish.

More kitchen accents

This Christmas, further update your dining room accents with seasonal table runners and placemats. Using fabrics hand-picked by Cushion Source’s team of interior designers, these tablescape pieces are both beautiful and durable. It’s easy to turn an everyday setting into a work of art!

Examples of tablescape accents

Kitchen cushions - Seasonal table runner
Adding a seasonal table runner in your favorite designer fabric will bring your style into your Christmas celebration. Also consider adding complementary placemats, pillows, stockings and a tree skirt. | Cushion Source photo
Holiday Placemat
Add Christmas placemats to your holiday tablescape this season to bring the spirit and joy right to the family dinner table. | Cushion Source photo
Kitchen cushions - table runner placemats and  pillows
Redecorate your kitchen this Christmas with designer table runners, placemats and pillow sets, in addition to chair cushions, bench cushions and more! Design the cushions that fit your home and your style. (Cushion Source Designer Collection “Whimsical Christmas” shown.) | Cushion Source photo

Get started designing the kitchen of your dreams!

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