Decorating ideas for a Florida room

Florida rooms have a way of bringing the outdoors inside without the inconvenience of bugs, unpredictable weather and meager shelter. They are appropriately located next to the backyard, have great windows for natural lighting, and provide full access to great views of nature and the surroundings. However, don’t fall short in the way of decorating. Use the space to your advantage. Whether you have a Florida room, sunroom or a solarium, these spaces should have suitable furnishings and accessories to not only give a vacation feel, but offer ideal function.

Sunbrella Dolce Mango outdoor wicker cushions
Sunbrella Dolce Mango outdoor wicker cushions (Cushion Source customer photo)

Furnishings – View the space as an extension of the home, but don’t use it as you would a typical indoor space. Fill your Florida room with outdoor patio furnishings; be really inspired by the outdoors. By bringing the outdoor feel into the space, it will help transport you to a calm haven. Select outdoor resin wicker, teak or wrought iron furnishings to give your room a more casual feel, yet still providing weather-resistant qualities. You may be surprised with how simply adding the outdoor furniture will get you inspired to create a homey retreat.

Factor in how much furniture you will need and what you have room for. Think about how many people are in your household, as well as those friends and guests that may come over for future get-togethers. Arrange your furnishings similarly to how you would arrange a living room. Basically, you want to build a conversation area, where people can talk easily and relax.

Comfort– If you have casual furniture, you’ll want comfortable cushions to lie on. The demand for outdoor cushions is a growing market; luckily, Cushion Source plays a huge part in supplying fantastic, quality custom-made indoor and outdoor cushions for many homeowners. Patio outdoor cushions play a vital part to any Florida room or sunroom because the intense sunlight coming through windows. You will want cushions that will not fade, making Sunbrella and other high-performance fabrics the perfect choice. Best of all, there is no sacrifice on style.

Outdoor fabrics have come a long way. There are plenty of beautiful fabrics available. A great tip to remember is to select colors that you love but that are ideal for the furniture. Classic white wicker with pastel cushions really conveys a bright, cheerful space. Neutral furnishings, such as teak, look great with more subdued colored fabrics or earth tones. Preferably, you want to allow the room to give your mind a place to relax and escape.

Accessories– Accessories are the icing on the cake. Adding different-sized potted plants around the space is a perfect way to bring the outdoors in. Tall plants will add some height and visual interest to entryways while smaller plants can fill in the gaps on tables, windowsills or hung in front of windows.

Throw pillows are another fun, must-have accessory when decorating a Florida room. Throw pillows are available in all sorts of styles and sizes from Cushion Source. Use them on rockers, wicker sofa sets and chairs. Make large 24×24-inch floor pillows for extra seating and casual lounging. There are endless possibilities with pillows.

Display decorative items and souvenirs from past vacations around the room. Frame artwork with an outdoor theme, such as a floral garden or ocean view. Be creative and have fun with your space, and remember to let beauty and function merge together for the ideal space.

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