Custom cushions are the perfect addition to any mudroom

You rarely hear people speak of mudrooms anymore. Of course they still exist, its just people would rather use a more hygienic term like laundry room, foyer, or an entry way. Nevertheless, mudrooms are a must have in every home. The very idea of having an extra space to hide away muddy shoes, extra shopping bags, sports equipment and those soggy rain coats just sounds heavenly for those of us who hate clutter in the rest of the house.

However, necessary items that can be an eye sore to the rest of your home don’t have to be for your mudroom. Even mudrooms need design attention and shouldn’t go unnoticed. Starting with the basics is important. Proper storage for all those odd items is key. If you don’t have a place for every item it will go against the very design you want to accomplish. Adding cabinets, cubby holes or even woven baskets can add more storage area and free up space. Built in wall units are really great because they add an architectural feel to your area as well as ideal storage.

Many mudrooms or laundry rooms have a place to sit and take off rain boots, muddy shoes and wet clothes. This area will usually have a bench seat, window seat, or chair to rest on. This is where your design skills can come in. Why not make a custom cushion for your chair, window seat or bench? These days you don’t have to worry about the fabric choices because Sunbrella outdoor fabrics are an available material that is designed for not only outdoor use but also indoor spaces. Sunbrella fabrics are fantastic because they can take the abuse that any mudroom area will inevitably experience. They are made of 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic yarn which allows fade free, mildew free, fabrics. They are durable to all sorts of unexpected situations and spot clean very easily for all those stains that can suddenly appear.

Who wouldnt want a beautiful custom cushion that functions well and adds design appeal? But don’t stop there. Add some coordinating throw pillows in the mix and your space becomes a lounge area. Foyers and laundry areas can certainly be great little nooks where you can sit and read the morning paper, talk on the phone, work on last minute grocery lists and even an escape for those busy moms trying to get a moment’s peace.

Our homes are special to us because they reflect who we are. Don’t be afraid to make even an ugly mudroom look amazing. Wherever your dump area is, whether you call it a foyer, laundry room or mudroom, make it your own, personalized and beautified just for your needs.

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