3 Tips for Your Next Outdoor Party

Summer will be here soon, so you’ll need to start making plans for all those outdoor gatherings! And what do most outdoor parties require? For one thing, a great area to enjoy your guests, delicious food and amazing decor. I’ll give you three helpful tips to make your next party, fun and memorable!

Occupy Your Space with plenty of  Seating

Every outdoor party needs a great space to accommodate guests. If you haven’t invested in outdoor furniture, it’s probably something you’ll need to think about. Not only are there oodles of options for outside furniture but the quality has come so far in the last 10 years. More and more people are utilizing there outdoor living space as an extension of their home rather than just an area to enjoy a few times a year. Retailers have seen the demand on better materials and fabrics for consumers and have risen to the call and delivered. All weather resin wicker, cast aluminum, teak and outdoor furniture made out of  Eco-friendly plastics and synthetic wood; these are all available and designed beautifully for any weather condition.


outdoor fabric pillows
The more seating the better!


If you are hard pressed for money and need an inexpensive way to create your seating area, don’t be afraid to use furniture from inside your home. Kitchen chairs, ottomans and even an extra couch or loveseat can be brought outdoors. If you’re worried about spills or unexpected accidents, you can always use fabric or sheets to cover up your furniture. Why not go the extra step with custom cushions and pillows. These will add comfort and color to your outdoor area. Extra cushions on the ground are nice for kids to sit on. Create your own seating area with cushions and pillows placed on top of ledges and flower beds and other areas that are the ideal height for sitting.

Add a Theme and Focal  Element to Your Space

Theme parties are always a great way to excite your invited guests! Hawaiian Luaus, costume parties or whatever fun ideas you may have, these can help give you a great start on what to buy for decorations and food. If you are wanting to go the Martha Stewart route, think about making your table spectacular. For example, an English tea room themed party will look amazing with fresh hydrangeas, authentic English  tea cups and saucers with lovely pastel cloth napkins. Of course, let your food be a part of your design. Cupcakes, cheese cake and fun shaped sugar cookies are  fine treats for tea time themed party!

Theme parties need fun fresh food and dessert!



How your table is displayed is really important and can truly be a focal point at your party, however, don’t forget your surroundings. Choosing where you set up to entertain should involve the best visual layout. Beautiful trees and foliage with well kept flower beds and stone pathways are ideal. If you don’t have the ideal view in place and are limited in space let your imagination run wild. Water fixtures, fire pits and trellises are all ways to add a bit of outdoor interest. Outdoor drapes are another suggestion in providing ambiance and focus to your party. Outdoor drapes have a way of turning a blah space into wow! Add them to your back porch or patio. Depending on how you hang them, they can be closed off for a more intimate setting and can help block the evening sun or wind. Steer away from the typical decorations. Try thumbing through magazines, books, and event blogs online to help give you ideas.

Lighting, lighting and more lighting!

As the sun goes down the party doesn’t stop, so be prepared to bring out the bling! Outdoor lighting has a great way of creating excitement and romance. Tiki torches are great for parties because you can place them all over your yard or just in small concentrated areas of your space. These are portable and range in price.  Christmas lighting is not just for the holiday season. Add these lights around trees and bushes to illuminate a large amount of space. It’s really the inexpensive way to go.  Solar post caps are perfect on deck areas that need more ornamentation and lighting. These would be a more permanent look which will make outdoor gatherings in the future worth having. Patio lanterns are charming, portable and will look beautiful on tables and pathways. Whatever outdoor entertainment you decide to have this summer, have fun with it!


umbrella lighting
Light up your umbrellas with LED lights for a outdoor ambiance!



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