Sunbrella cushions and pillows add comfort and style

This photo comes to us courtesy of Carol Pires who lives in the heart of Salinas Valley, “The Salad Bowl of the World,” as she and other residents refer to it because of its high production of lettuce, strawberries and mushrooms. The climate is ideal for many beautiful grape vineyards and wineries. Salinas Valley Calif., was also a great setting for many John Steinbeck novels but this quaint setting provides us with another story, one that is authentic and real to many families across this great country.

Salinas Valley is home to the River Road Wine Trail where Carol has lived happily for many years. She had wanted to provide an outdoor area for her family and friends to gather, so she had a Trek deck built four years ago. The only thing that seemed to be lacking in this outdoor area was that extra comfort that only cushions could provide. She had ordered these custom cushions made with beautiful Sunbrella Outdoor fabrics and has enjoyed them ever since.

What makes Sunbrella fabric unique is its durability and strength. These fabrics are made with 100% solution dyed material. Solution dying is a process that adds color to the acrylic fibers during the liquid state. This is what keeps the color true and resilient, without fading. These cushions are also filled with a poly fiber material that helps water run through the cushion during a hard rain which allows the cushion to dry quickly, in turn can help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Most store bought cushions wouldn’t last one season in the outdoor elements but with Sunbrella fabrics, you can enjoy them for many years without worry and constant maintenance.

This deck bench is adorned in Brannon Whisper Sunbrella fabric with coordinating fabrics, Spa and Birds Eye. These cushions provide incredible style and color to this Trek deck along with a cozy casual feel for anyone to enjoy. Carol now says that her outdoor area is perfect for special occasions and annual events. “Our favorite family tradition is during the month of July, when all of our kids and grand kids come to visit for a week, during Pacific Groves Feast of Lanterns celebration. We put 2-6ft tables together along the L bench and eat all of our meals outside. Our favorite time is about 9:00 pm at night when the grand kids are having their final night swim of the evening and the adults are lounging on the cushions, enjoying a last glass of wine under the patio heater”.

Indoor living moved outdoors has really become a part of our culture and like Carol, a tradition. The ability to bring loved ones together in a homey comfortable environment is what outdoor living spaces make available. When you decide to invest in your home you are ultimately making an investment in your family.That is priceless.

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