Bedding Essentials Featuring New Robert Allen Designs

When I blog about our fabrics on Cushion Source, I am constantly thinking of ways to use our fabrics. Just recently we got the new Robert Allen fabrics in stock. Because I help with placing our fabrics on Cushion Source, I was able to get a hands-on experience with these new fabrics. (When we add new fabrics to our system, we take samples and photograph them so that what you see in the fabric gallery are high quality representations of the fabric.) After feeling the soft texture and seeing the vivid colors for myself, I began to wonder what else we could use these fabrics for. While they can be used for cushions, drapes, and anything in between, the new Robert Allen fabrics are so luxurious that they simply beg to be used for bedding.

These new fabrics feature a classic take on trendy designs, making them ideal for prolonged use. These are not just temporary patterns and colors; rather these designs allow you to create timeless custom bedding pieces tailored to your specifications. With a variety of motifs, shapes, and hues, there is something for everyone. With the help of a few Sunbrella fabrics, I’ve created some custom bedding products that coordinate beautifully with the new Robert Allen designs.

Bedding Blog
1. Robert Allen Modern Ikat Pool and Loft Dove, 2. Robert Allen Scrolled Geo Natural and Sunbrella Jive Sparrow, 3. Sunbrella Aruba and Natural, 4. Robert Allen Loft Pearl, 5. Sunbrella Jive Sparrow and Natural, 6. Sunbrella Spectrum Coffee, 7. Robert Allen Modern Ikat Pool, Sunbrella Aruba and Natural
Bedding Blog
1. Robert Allen Tweedy Major Brown, 2. Robert Allen Graphic Fret Citrine, 3. Robert Allen Woodblock Leaf Indigo and Carter Oats Braid, 4. Robert Allen Loft Pearl and Sunbrella Natural, 5. Robert Allen New Damask Greystone and Diamond Tuft Natural