Sunbrella cushions and pillows add comfort and style

This photo comes to us courtesy of Carol Pires who lives in the heart of Salinas Valley, “The Salad Bowl of the World,” as she and other residents refer to it because of its high production of lettuce, strawberries and mushrooms. The climate is ideal for many beautiful grape vineyards and wineries. Salinas Valley Calif., was also a great setting for many John Steinbeck novels but this quaint setting provides us with another story, one that is authentic and real to many families across this great country.

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Springtime Is approaching; add new life to your outdoor space

Outdoor drapes

If you’re ready to put away your winter boots and jackets it’s a pretty good sign that you’ve got spring fever. There is nothing better than feeling the warmth of the sun hitting your head and shoulders and a balmy breeze after a long cold winter of wishing and waiting for things to heat up. The outdoors is one place that people love to congregate, hang out with friends, get some sun and catch up on a little rest and relaxation. Decorating your outdoor space no matter how small or large is a great way to start your intro to the spring and summer months. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have ideas for purchasing new outdoor furniture and cushions, nowadays your options are endless. A little creativity and an open mind will make transforming your outdoor space simple and affordable.

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Accessorize your space with custom cushions

Custom Deep Seating Furniture Cushions

What is your perfect idea of a room? Hold that image in your mind and imagine what that room would look like if you removed all the cushions and pillows. Doesn’t the room feel empty and boring? It basically screams, “Accessorize me, please!” Cushions are often taken for granted. Their ability to add glam to a room goes unnoticed until you imagine what your furniture would be like without them.

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