Creating a room that grows with your child

Decorating a kid’s room can be a big task, especially when you may not have the resources to decorate at every stage of your child’s budding life. Eventually, children grow up and so does their taste in style. So why not choose a pallet that will serve your child well into the future. Believe it or not the pallet you choose has a huge impact on how accommodating and flexible your room will be in the coming years. Here are some suggestions to consider before you create that over-the-top fantasy room for your child.

Choose neutral colored walls

Neutral walls are always a great start. Neutral doesn’t always have to be tan or beige. There are many types of neutral colors that can still give a room personality. Gray, for instance, comes in many shades and works lovely in any room. If you want some color on the walls, try earthy, natural colors in lighter shades. For example, greens, yellows, blues and browns will often be enough color without being too loud and bold.

Wall decals are another unique way to add color and interest without the commitment of wall paper or murals. These can come as large as an entire wall or as small accent decals. Decorative wall decals are ideal in any room since there are many types to select from. These can be easily removed and re-positioned without surface damage. Best of all, they are extremely affordable.

Choose stain resistant throw rugs and carpeting

If you currently plan to have carpet installed, invest in stain-resistant carpeting that will provide durability and resilience over many years. If you have hardwood floors, choose throw rugs that provide the same qualities as a stain-resistant carpet. Here’s a trick. Patterns on throw rugs are a great way to hide any spills or imperfections you may face over the years. Throw rugs are recommended for high traffic areas over carpeting.

Choose versatile draperies

Drapes and curtains can be made in many styles depending on the look you are going for. Children need a little whimsy in there room and drapes will do the trick. Yet, as your child grows, you may not want to pay the extra money to have new drapes installed. So consider draperies that are more streamlined. If you choose a grommet or tab top draperies in neutral tones, you will save in the long run. What’s wonderful about drapes is they can be casual or formal depending on what fabric you select.

Choose adult sized beds

Bunk beds and twin sized beds are great for a while but it’s important to think ahead to the future needs of the room. Buy a full-sized bed or even a queen sized bed, if the room is big enough. If you are planning to use a room for a nursery, a crib is necessary, but when your child outgrows this, it’s best to go for an adult sized bed rather than a toddler bed.

Choose color in your accessories

Now that you have the walls painted, flooring and window treatments set up, you’ll want to allow the accent color to come into the room with the accessories. Throw pillows, throw blankets, framed pictures and lamps are all fantastic items to add personality, color and character to a child’s room. Little boys and girls want to have their favorite cartoon characters represented so why not incorporate stuffed animals and fun bedding that can be replaced, taken down or given away once they outgrow them. So keep in mind that there will be some items you will have to replace.

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