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Custom Tab Top Wedding Drapes

custom wedding drapes
Tab Top Wedding Drapes
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Product Overview

Our Custom Tab Top Wedding Drapes will add beauty and elegance to any outdoor/indoor wedding lounge or reception hall area. Our custom drapes come in a wide selection of indoor and outdoor high quality wedding fabrics to choose from, as well as a variety of widths and custom lengths to please any bride. These provide a more casual look to a room. Whether you are planning an outdoor beach, poolside, or church wedding, let us help to make many beautiful memories that will last a lifetime with our custom wedding draperies.

How to Measure for Tab Top Drapes

Drapery hardware not included.

Product Specifications
Shipping Dimensions: 48.00 × 9.00 × 8.00 inches
Approximate Shipping Weight: 12.00 pounds
Additional Information: Custom drapes are fan folded and placed in a plastic bag before shipping.
Ships in
2 to 3 weeks
Ship method
Standard Ground
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Drape Type:
Tab Top Header
Drapes are made with fabric loops along the top edge to allow the rod to be run through each loop.
2 Panels (Pair)
Ordered when a mirrored pair of panels is required for installation. This option is normally used when selecting left and right drapery panels for a window.
1 Panel (Single)
Ordered when a single panel is required for installation.
Measure the Area You Wish to Cover

Rod Face - Measure the width of your drapery rod, not including finials
Coverage Area - Measure the width of the area you want to cover. If ordering pleated drapery, consider adding 4" - 6" on either side of your opening to maximize natural light and provide the best finished look.

Note: We have made allowances for fullness, returns and overlaps as needed to ensure a beautiful finished look.

If ordering drapery that does not need to close (stationary), consider ordering a drapery with less coverage.
How to Measure Length for Tab Top Drapes

Measure for required length from the top of the rod to the floor, referring to the measuring diagram on this page.

Important: The diameter of your drapery rod will affect the length of your panel.

Tabs are 4"L x 2"W

If your drapery rod is larger than 2" in diameter, you will require a longer tab length. Please call.
Add Tie Back(s)
Tie backs are made 3" wide.
Tie back length is made according to the width of drapery ordered.
A hook pin set will be included in the seam 1" from the end of each tie back.