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Robert Allen Ombre Step BK Twilight Throw Pillow

Robert Allen Ombre Step BK Twilight Pillow
Robert Allen Ombre Step BK Twilight Pillow
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Robert Allen Ombre Step BK Twilight (RA-246322)
Pillow dimensions are based on measuring along the cut edge of the pillow, not the width of the stuffed pillow. Therefore, the finished height and width of your pillow will be slightly less than the measurements ordered.
Piping Option more details
Measurements do not include the thickness of piping, which is approximately 1/4".
Piping Fabric
Robert Allen Ombre Step BK Twilight (RA-246322)
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Product Overview
Get this throw pillow made with Robert Allen Ombre Step BK Twilight fabric, a raised velvet geometric pattern of denim blues striated lines that form diamond shapes. This cotton/polyester blend works great in interior living areas. Choose from 18" to 26" and your choice of fill types. Shop now.
Product Specifications
Approximate Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
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5 to 6 weeks
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Standard Ground
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Add Piping
Pillow will have a single fabric piping (cording/welting) along the seam. All piping is cut on the bias, giving it an angled appearance. Piping Cut on the Bias
No Piping
Pillow will not have any piping (cording/welting) along the seam.
Poly Bun (Indoor/Outdoor)
Loose polyfill is blown into an "inner pillow," which is stuffed into the pillow cover then the pillow is closed with a hidden zipper. More Info
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Throw Pillow