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Sprinkles Sunshine Aqua Natural SPRINKSUANA

Premier Prints Inc. - SPRINKSUANA fabric image
Premier Prints Inc.
Fabric SKU/Item Number
100% Cotton
Reccommended Usage
Indoor Only
Limited Quanity
Aqua/Teal, Blue, White/Off White
Roll Width
Cleaning Instructions
Do not machine wash. Spot clean only using cold water and mild detergent. Air dry only. Iron on reverse side.
3.750 × 6.380 IN
Sprinkles Sunshine Aqua Natural is a bright blue fabric with a variation of off white rectangles scattered across a turquoise field. This simple fabric is great for adding an surprise of color and fun to any area of your home. It is the perfect pattern to match and coordinate with other graphical patterns and colorful solids. The material is made from 100% cotton, making it a soft fabric and easy to use on custom home decor products. Large custom throw pillows or a custom widow seat will look exceptional made out of this Sprinkles fabric.

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