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Highland Taylor Garden Sapphire 70384-CBT

Highland Taylor Fabrics - 70384-CBT fabric image
Highland Taylor Fabrics
Fabric SKU/Item Number
55% Linen, 45% Rayon
Reccommended Usage
Indoor Only
Limited Quanity
Beige/Tan, Blue
Floral/Foliage, French Countryside, World Travel
Roll Width
Cleaning Instructions
CLEANING CODE-S/Dry Cleaning Recommended
18.000 × 27.000 IN
Garden Sapphire features bold blue hues on a light beige backdrop. This linen fabrics floral design makes it stylish and trendy, while the cobalt blue palette pairs well with most home decor. Various types of flowers will bring your love for gardening and the outdoors into your interior design. This slightly sheer high-quality linen and rayon fabric is comfortable and has a relaxed look. Highland Taylor Fabrics is a diverse, exclusive collection of pillow and drapery fabrics. Due to the slightly sheer nature of the fabric it is not suitable for cushions unless it is lined.

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