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Cushion Source and Re-Invention Announce Product Launch

Amalfi Throw Beds, Pillow and Bag

Two companies with a mutual passion for making quality custom goods have come together combining their skills, resources, and passion for the community. The result is beautifully crafted products, doing a world of good! The first in a series of products to be released as part of the collaboration between Cushion Source® and Re-Invention is the newly designed Amalfi Throw Bed. Inspired by the tranquility of the beautiful Amalfi Coast of Italy, the Amalfi Throw Bed is a slouchy, loungey, go-anywhere bed. Designed for outdoor and indoor use, it's constructed with luxurious fabrics combining various textures and gorgeous coordinating trims.

The outdoor Amalfi Throw Bed mixes high-performance outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella, Outdura, and Robert Allen, as well as Para Tempotest, an Italian outdoor performance fabric company. The indoor Amalfi Throw Bed is made with linens and cotton matelasses, mixed with ikats, florals, and fabulous neutrals. Both throw beds are equipped with high quality 50/50, down and fiber, inserts for the ultimate in comfort and versatility, and they're light enough to be transported from playroom to living room or deck to beach with ease!

The collaboration of our two companies began when Cushion Source began looking for ways to expand product lines and design more specialty products utilizing an expansive fabric collection of more than 2,000 selections. The quest for a highly skilled designer, increased capacity, and opportunities to develop new products led to the perfect relationship with designer Kellie Guthrie, owner and founder of Re-Invention, who happens to be right in our backyard!

About Re-Invention

Designer Kellie Guthrie began her career in the fashion industry marketing women's accessories and clothing to high-end boutiques. After a life-changing experience while serving on the frontlines of the sex-trafficking battle in Thailand, Guthrie was propelled to a higher calling, which led to the birth of Re-Invention.org.

Re-Invention Products

Re-Invention is a social business committed to moving the mountain of generational poverty by transforming the lives of women through the work of their hands. Re-Invention understands the key component to forever breaking poverty cycles is through long-term job creation in an environment that provides necessary infrastructure like training, on-site day care, and Adult Education/GED assistance...services that make it possible for women to go to work and successfully maintain employment.

Re-Invention's training arm, The Lydia Project, works to prepare participants for a career in the textile industry with in-depth instruction in textile manufacturing, as well as commercial upholstery. Re-Invention is providing the initial working environment with the ultimate goal of creating The Lydia Project as its own business...a co-op where those working for the business will eventually gain ownership.

The Sky's the Limit

The Amalfi Throw Bed is the first in a series of Cushion Source products planned for development under the collaboration between our two companies. Other products in development include fall/collegiate-themed throw beds, cozy winter throw beds and floor cushions, designer ottomans and pillows, and more. As production for products increases, the dream will become reality and production will be moved to The Lydia Project to have greater influence on breaking poverty cycles and increasing our impact in the community.

We believe the possibilities are endless with this new relationship and know without question that we are called to a deeper purpose with this effort. Our companies look forward to the growth and transformation this will bring both in our work, and in the lives around us.