World map fabric adds finishing touch to mobile museum ministry

After years of conceptualizing and building a Bible-themed museum in an RV, Donnie Wagoner recently found Cushion Source to help put the finishing touch on his mobile ministry: replacement cushions for the vehicle’s seating area, made with a unique world map fabric to accentuate the historical perspective of the learning center.

World map fabric RV cushions

Cushions featuring world map fabric are ‘icing on the cake’

When Mr. Wagoner discovered “My Map Azure” world map fabric by Cushion Source’s exclusive line, Highland Taylor Fabrics, he knew it was a perfect fit for his mobile museum.

“The reason I chose that fabric was because of the theme of the museum and ministry — creation, showing evidence from around the world,” he said. “This was the last big investment I had for the project, and it really is the icing on the cake,” he said.

Personal service shows customer how his cushions will look

Mr. Wagoner ordered four custom cushions. He had special instructions to match the world map fabric’s placement across the entire set, creating a pseudo-puzzle that fits together perfectly. Cushion Source’s customer service team worked closely with the production floor to make sure the cushions were made as requested. But before they made a single stitch, Cushion Source’s graphics department got involved to communicate the concept to both the customer and the production manager.

Cushion Source is dedicated to providing customers with a way to visualize their custom order. Since early 2012, Cushion Source has provided interactive tools that allow customers to visualize their order before they purchase. Due to the custom nature of the business, it’s important that customers know what they will be getting. On-site visualization tools show chosen fabrics on cushion and pillow products, and options such as ties, buttons and welting also instantly shows online. This process helps customers gain confidence that they will love the design they create.

The image automatically rendered for Mr. Wagoner showed a cushion draped in the world map fabric he chose, but he wasn’t sure how the real-life end result would look, when the cushions were placed end to end.

Image rendering specialist Karen Simmons was able to show Mr. Wagoner an example of how his finished cushions would look with the world map fabric.

“He was afraid of getting cushions all showing North America. He wanted the whole map,” Simmons said. “So we pieced it together digitally and in production so it showed a continuation.”

When Simmons showed Mr. Wagoner and Cushion Source’s production team the image she had created, they were both confident that the custom cushions would be exactly what Wagoner had in mind, with the world map fabric aligned properly across the four cushions, to be pieced together like a puzzle.

Customer satisfaction

When his custom cushions arrived, Mr. Wagoner could not have been happier.

“Wow, am I pleased!” he said in an email shortly after his order arrived. “The cushions look fantastic, and the craftsmanship is absolutely tremendous and A-plus quality.”

Mr. Wagoner was thrilled with not only the quality of his custom cushions and the world map fabric, but also the one-on-one service he received.

“I really want to express also the gratitude I have for courtesy of calling me and giving me helpful suggestions, sending the pictures and figuring out the pattern. If you guys had not went that extra mile they would not have looked nearly as good as they do now. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing that,” he said. “I was so worried because of the money I put into it and was scared that I may had left something out. The patience you gave me over the phone on my questions and the folks that saw things I did not and took the time to run it by me is something I just don’t see in some of the businesses I’ve dealt with in the past.”

Mobile museum ministry is complete

Ultimately, Mr. Wagoner was thrilled that the museum he had dedicated the past three years to was now complete. After all that time and personal effort, he’s proud of the roving outreach ministry. As a sheriff’s deputy by day, his passion for Biblical teaching is limited to being his hobby.

“Since I work full time, I was only able to work on it in the evenings and weekends, which made some of the displays take several months before it was completed,” he said. “I still am amazed how it all came together. The Lord definitely was in this, for without him none of it would have been possible.”

Mr. Wagoner plans on using the camper as a way to reach inquisitive teens and adults and teach them about science, history and creation.

“I’ll take it and set it up for the day here locally a couple of times a year,” he said. “The biggest part of my ministry is presentations to Sunday School classes, homeschool groups and even public school Bible history classes. It keeps me pretty busy.”

Mr. Wagoner also hopes to continue to use the RV for its original purpose — camping.

“It’s a small area; I can only let two adults in at a time. The museum is a working camper and still has two beds,” he said, describing the RV. “The couch slides out, and the dining table comes down. It sleeps four total, and that’s exactly the number of people in my family. It has a bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, stove and microwave. I just took a bedroom and converted it into a display area, and where the couch is, there is a removable wall that exposes the window.”

In everything he does, Mr. Wagoner strives to reach others with Bible-based teachings and principles.

“The ministry is something I do on the side, but some have said that I’m a creationist full time and a deputy part time,” he joked.

Photos of mobile ministry and cushions with world map fabric

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