#Trending: How to Decorate with Marsala for Christmas

Marsala Christmas Color Inspirations

Each year Pantone designates a color for the year. This year was lucky enough to be rewarded with deep and warm-toned Marsala. We’ve seen it everywhere throughout the year from the runway to home décor. As a statement color, it has impressed many, and it’s the perfect color tone to add to your Christmas decorations. Read more

5 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas that Will Impress Guests

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Last-minute holiday dinner or party plans can stress even the most easy-going hostess. With thoughts of searching for  last-minute Christmas decorations or even themes, it’s no wonder we stress ourselves out during the most wonderful time of the year. But have no fear, we are here with five simple and easy Christmas decorating ideas that will get your home ready to delight and impress your guests, even the jolly white-bearded man in the big red suit!
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6 Thanksgiving Decorating Tips on a Budget

6 Thanksgiving Decorating Tips on a Budget

Every year the holidays catch me off guard, and there always seems to be more and more pressure to have our homes looking “Martha Stewart” holiday ready by the first of November. Yet, as I have gotten older, I have realized that I am too tired to keep up by trying to outdo the neighbors with bigger and better lights and decorations. Many of us don’t have the extra time or money to spend on items other than our upcoming holiday dinners and gifts for friends and family. Staying on a budget presents the challenge to use what we already have. Not everyone has a creative side, but these six holiday decorating tips are guaranteed to not only save you money, but actually impress your guests. Read more

#Trending: Floor Cushions

How to Reimagine Floor Cushions in Your Living Space

Floor cushions are trending again, and this time they’re not just for kids! Floor cushions, or floor pillows as some people may refer to them, are more than just oversized pillows on the floor with no purpose or use. Floor cushions can be functional and handy decoration pieces for any indoor or outdoor living space. With more creative custom cushion options available, you can truly make any custom floor cushion or floor pillow you desire. Here are six fun and inventive ways of reimagining your floor cushions. Remember, it all starts with thinking outside the box and having an open mind to a simple, yet humble design that has been around for centuries.
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