What’s Old is New: The Trend of Modern Rustic

The Trend of Modern Rustic

Modern Rustic is the new hot décor on the block, and what’s not to love? The antique charm and classic lines coupled with modern amenities can be a beautiful combination when designed properly into a room. Bringing the Midwest feel of a farmhouse or the classic lines of a Southern manor, Modern Rustic gives new life to old antiques and can open the door to new possibilities.

“Creating the rustic modern look is an organic process that takes time and commitment.” – Ali Hanan, Modern Rustic: Natural Ideas for a Contemporary Lifestyle

Even though the creator of Modern Rustic published his first works in late 2000, the trend did not reach a wide audience until almost 10 years later. Stylists and homeowners alike are drawn to the style because it allows newer modernized amenities to be mixed into the original charm of rustic décor.

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#Trending: 10 Ways to Mix Patterns Like a Pro

How to Mix Prints Like a Pro

If you’re passionate about prints, you’re no stranger to decorating and redecorating based on current trends and seasons. Incorporating bold designs and patterns into your home décor can be challenging, but certainly doesn’t have to be. The key to mixing patterns like a pro will come a little easier once you’re familiar with the basic do’s and don’ts of print clashing.

1. Find Your Power Print

When jumping into mixing your favorite prints, the best thing to do is to start with one primary print that will carry the overall theme of your room. Maybe it’s a bold ikat drape or a floral window seat cushion. Whatever it may be, make sure it’s one that you’ll enjoy for longer periods of time. It’s this piece that will build the rest of the room.

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Create the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space

No matter who’s getting their hands dirty behind the grill, the space still needs that special touch to make it more than just dinner time. The perfect patio is now synonymous with good weather and, not to mention, the perfect place for cookouts. From family get-togethers to girls’ nights in, see what it takes to make your outdoor dining and patio space the envy of the neighborhood.

Set a Theme for Your Patio

Even before you start planning the perfect cookout, set a theme for your patio and grilling area. Think about the time you’ll be spending outdoors and how often you’ll want to switch up your outdoor décor. Make your largest and most expensive pieces ones that will last for years to come. Consider using neutrals for your base and introducing colors with throw pillows, cushions, and drapery. This creates flexibility from season to season without breaking the bank.

Set a theme for you patio: select custom cushions and pillows that will last.

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Fall in the City | New York

Fall in the City | New York

One of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail, says it best, “Don’t you just love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies.” True there is something about the Big Apple that just sends me swimming with ideas of scarves and mittens, hot cocoa, and a book by the fire in a cozy little brownstone. Read more