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We pride ourselves in being providing the best customer service out there for all your custom product needs. Below are Cushion Source customer submitted photographs of their custom cushions, pillows, outdoor drapes, bedding, and umbrellas.

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Window Seat

Window Seat "New Cushion Source cushions on our window seat. We chose three cushions instead of one continuous to match the drawers, and also so we could remove one or more when needed to do projects (play dough, painting, etc) on a hard surface without fear of spilling on our surface."

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Ren Stripe RR Coral (RA-246214)

Jan 23, 2016 Theresa C. Missoula, MT

New Window Seat Cushion

New Window Seat Cushion "My new window seat cushions from Cushion Source. They did a great job!"

Featured Fabric:
Premier Prints Ozbourne - Lipstick (OZBOULK)

Jan 19, 2016 Julie B. New Orleans, LA

Oscar Luvs Cushion Source

Oscar Luvs Cushion Source "The Cushion Source window seat in the loft of our Brasada Ranch home is a great place to enjoy the Cascade Mountain views ... and for Oscar to survey his domain :-)"

Featured Fabrics:
Sunbrella Heritage Alpaca (18000-0000)

Dec 28, 2015 Barbie K. Powell Butte, OR

Window Seat Cushion

Window Seat Cushion "Perfectly matched window seat cushion for our coastal theme look!"

Featured Fabrics:
Sunbrella Spectrum Mist (48020-0000)

Dec 26, 2015 Robert C. Charleston, WV

My Reading Window Seat

My Reading Window Seat "This window seat is in my bedroom. I love the vibrant colors and detailed work on my cushion, and it is so comfy."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Bravada Salsa (5601-0000)

Dec 22, 2015 Rosie S. La Porte, IN

Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray "This is a window seat in a new house that we just moved into. It's been such fun to decorate a great room in shades of gray. From the brushed nickel faucet, stainless steel appliances to the gray love seat and coordinating chairs in front of the fireplace."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Cast Slate (40434-0000)
Sunbrella Black (5408-0000)

Dec 16, 2015 Marsha F. Kyle, TX

Window Bench

Window Bench "The bench cushion for my window."

Featured Fabric:
Premier Prints Unprinted 7 OZ. Natural (RMNATUR)

Dec 14, 2015 Amit P. Mountain View, CA

Nursery Window Seat

Nursery Window Seat "Thank you for the wonderful cushion. It is a perfect fit for my son's nursery!"

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Sapphire Blue (5452-0000)

Dec 11, 2015 Stephanie R. Kansas City, MO

Built-in Window Seat Cushion

Built-in Window Seat Cushion "We customized two window seat cushions in a sunbrella fabric. They turned out beautifully and the site was so easy to use."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Cast Lagoon (40456-0000)

Nov 30, 2015 Lisa D. West Harwich, MA

Bedroom Window Seat

Bedroom Window Seat "This 92" by 26" by 3" window seat is fabulous! The blue-green color is a perfect accent for the pine bookshelves and neutral bedroom colors. It's my new favorite place to read with the afternoon sun as a backdrop."

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Softknit Bk Aegean (RA-239596)

Nov 25, 2015 Katherine G. Topsham, ME

Daughter's Window Seat Cushion

Daughter's Window Seat Cushion "The window seat cushion in my daughter's room. Thank you so much! She loves it."

Featured Fabric:
Premier Prints Shakes Aquarius/Slub (SHAKEAQ)

Nov 23, 2015 Sharon H. Rochester, NY

Corner Window Seat Cushions

Corner Window Seat Cushions "Here are out two bench cushions: one of which is custom fit around window sill and electrical outlet."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Sailcloth Seagull (32000-0023)

Oct 19, 2015 Jo A. Woodinville, WA

Optimal Comfort Window Seat Cushion

Optimal Comfort Window Seat Cushion "Love our custom cushion optimal comfort from Cushion Source - have had so many compliments on it!"

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Tweedy Major Brown (RA-196396)

Oct 6, 2015 Belinda S. Van Wert, OH

Dog gone great!

Dog gone great! "Our oversized picture window seat cushion is just perfect! And our dogs love it too!"

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Bay Brown (5432-0000)

Oct 2, 2015 Paula B. Groveland, CA

My Custom Cushion

My Custom Cushion "Perfection.... Perfect size to perfect color."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Spectrum Cilantro (48022-0000)

Sep 28, 2015 James H. Citrus Heights, CA

Reading Nook

Reading Nook "We ordered the cushion to complete our reading nook."

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Mixed Motifs Coral (RA-243832)

Sep 26, 2015 Marilyn W. Brookeville, MA

Window Seat Cushion

Window Seat Cushion "My daughter has a Paris theme in her bedroom. This window seat cushion is perfect!"

Featured Fabric:
Premier Prints Vertical - Black/White (VERTIBKWH)

Sep 22, 2015 Susan E. Brookshire, TX

Dining Room Window Seat

Dining Room Window Seat "My new cushion looks great in the dining room. Very happy!"

Featured Fabric:
PARA' Tempotest MB Awning Hazelnut (TT-1048-930)

Sep 15, 2015 Julie E. Marble Hill, GA

New Window Seat and Cushion Source Cushion!

New Window Seat and Cushion Source Cushion! "We just had a window seat built for our new home. After getting a quote for a window seat cushion at a local store for over $700 we decided to look elsewhere. We found Cushion Source and here's how everything turned out... Perfect!!"

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Spectrum Daffodil (48024-0000)

Aug 29, 2015 Jennifer G. Langhorne, PA

Cushion in the Window Seat

Cushion in the Window Seat "We have a built in bench next to a large bank of windows. Now that we have a cushion designed for that space, we are using it more frequently."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Mankala Teak (45701-0001)

Aug 21, 2015 Aline H. Lawrence, KS

Cats Enjoying Their New Window Seat Cushion

Cats Enjoying Their New Window Seat Cushion "It turned out beautifully. It's rather thicker than the two inches I requested, but my wife was very pleased with how it looks and the cats are clearly happy with it, so all is good."

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Plush Keys BK Night Sky (RA-232624)

Aug 10, 2015 Miles O. New York, NY

Deb's Window Seat

Deb's Window Seat "My custom made 'retirement' window seat."

Featured Fabrics:
PARA` Tempotest Home Canvas Pistachio (TT-82-15)

Aug 1, 2015 Deborah S. Macon, GA

Window Seat Cushion

Window Seat Cushion "My custom-made 'retirement' window seat with a Cushion Source cushion."

Featured Fabrics:
PARA` Tempotest Home Canvas Pistachio (TT-82-15)

Jul 28, 2015 Deborah S. Macon, GA

Custom Window Cushion & Pillows

Custom Window Cushion & Pillows "My 8' window cushion and pillows."

Featured Fabrics:
Robert Allen Texturetake Cactus (RA-173594)
Robert Allen Brushed Basket Capri (RA-193874)

Jul 21, 2015 Jim T. Mundelein, IL

Window Seat Cushion

Window Seat Cushion "Windowseat!"

Featured Fabrics:
Robert Allen Texture Mix Bk Pomegranate (RA-239540)

Jul 6, 2015 Gwyn F. Beavercreek, OH

Window Seat Cushion

Window Seat Cushion Sunbrella fabric window seat cushion with buttons and added pillows."

Featured Fabrics:
Sunbrella Canvas (5453-0000)

Customer's own throw pillows.

Jul 2, 2015 Kay I. Derry, NH

My Relaxing Window Seat

My Relaxing Window Seat "This little nook is for me to relax and daydream. Sometimes I watch the birds and squirrels run and play while other times I read my Sunday newspaper. I love the cushions! The fabric is beautiful and it is very comfy too!"

Featured Fabric:
Highland Taylor Garden Amber (70384-ATWK)
Highland Taylor Pacific Honey (72809T-HNY)

Jun 15, 2015 Robin D. Brookline, MA

Window Seat with Personality

Window Seat with Personality "Window seat adjoining the kitchen."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Mineral Blue (5420-0000)
Sunbrella Cannes Flax (42035-0000)

Customer's own throw pillows.

Jun 8, 2015 Belinda K. Hillier, Prince Edward County, ON

Window Seat

Window Seat "Window seat with view of the lake and kitchen. Fantastic for parties."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Mineral Blue (5420-0000)
Sunbrella Cannes Flax (42035-0000)

Customer's own throw pillows.

Jun 8, 2015 Belinda K. Hillier, Prince Edward County, ON

Window Seat made better!

Window Seat made better! "This window seat looks out to the water in front of my house. It is a cozier place to enjoy the view thanks to Cushion Source."

Featured Fabric:
Highland Taylor Nimes Currant (16818CM-CRT)
Highland Taylor Sorbet Blush (73032T-BLS)

Jun 7, 2015 Jonathan L. Crockett, CA

Custom Window Seat Cushion in Our New Dining Room

Custom Window Seat Cushion in Our New Dining Room "Mr. Biscuit (one of our cats) just loves to lay on this new cushion along our windowsill in the dining room. He loves to watch all the activity going on outside and sleeps in this spot as well! This cushion was a really nice addition to the room and the design and fabric color fit very nicely with the existing décor in our dining room/kitchen. The quality of the actual structure of the cushion, stitching, placement of the zipper and foam padding was a huge surprise! (I am sooo glad I did not try to attempt this task on my own with my sewing machine and decided to leave the work to the pros!)"

Featured Fabric:
Highland Taylor Dusk Petals (27679-DUS)

May 11, 2015 Eleanor W. Hutto, TX

Custom Cushion in Our Master Bedroom

Custom Cushion in Our Master Bedroom "Custom window seat cushion looks great in our master bedroom!"

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Dizzied Up Bk Garnet (RA-152749)

May 11, 2015 Eleanor W. Hutto, TX

Our Nook

Our Nook "Comfortable, quiet retreat where we can relax by the window, read a book or look out onto the rolling bluffs."

Featured Fabric:
Premier Prints Unprinted Natural Slub (RMSLUB04)

Apr 13, 2015 David P. Douglassville, PA

Antique Carriage House Powder Room Cushions

Antique Carriage House Powder Room Cushions "Cushion Source window seat cushion with throw, lumbar, and bolster pillows for the built-in window seat lounge in the ladies powder room inside a 1929 antique carriage house currently used as a law office in the Historic District of Orange, California."

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Runaway Road Cocoa (RA-194834)

Apr 10, 2015 Terry R. Orange, CA

A little color to the beach house dining room!!

A little color to the beach house dining room!! "The window seat cushion added a splash of color to the renovated beach house filled with blues and grays!"

Featured Fabric:
Outdura China Red (5410)

Mar 30, 2015 Brian M. Margate, NJ

Wonderful Windowseat Cushion!

Wonderful Windowseat Cushion! "Sunbrella Charcoal windowseat cushion for our custom made windowseat in our NYC apartment. Very comfortable, cushiony and resilient!"

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Charcoal (54048-0000)

Feb 26, 2015 Michele L. New York, NY

Nautical Nursery

Nautical Nursery "These seahorses are perfect for my daughter's not-so-babyish nursery."

Featured Fabric:
Sea Horse Coastal Grey/Natural (SEAHOCGR)

Feb 18, 2015 Felissa L. Long Beach, NY

Unique Shape Optimal Comfort Window Seat Cushion

Unique Shape Optimal Comfort Window Seat Cushion "After much anticipation, my cushion arrived today! Thanks to all my talented Facebook friends who helped me decide. Cushion Source really delivered with their top-notch service, workmanship, and quality! Now it's hard for me to want to leave home."

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Modern Felt Flannel (RA-235400)

Feb 4, 2015 Ying C. Lafayette, CA

Master Window Seat

Master Window Seat "I chose the Robert Allen Tamil Paisley Mosaic fabric for my window seat cushions. I chose the optimal cushion comfort with same fabric color welting. I love my custom cushions. The cushions came out perfect and very comfortable. The cushions arrived by the estimated delivery date. The whole process was seamless. Thanks again Cushion Source!"

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Tamil Paisley Mosaic (RA-217529)

Feb 2, 2015 Bridget W. Houston, TX

My Window Seat

My Window Seat "We had a ugly register in front of our window. My husband built a seat with grates to allow the heat to escape, but it needed a final touch. I found your site online and found I could custom order a window seat cushion to fit the bench. When it was delivered I was delighted with my cushion."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Antique Beige (5422-0000)

Customer's own throw pillows.

Feb 2, 2015 April S. Saint Albans, VT

Reading Nook Window Seat

Reading Nook Window Seat "A long window seat in the master bedroom suite overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Warm, earthy tones of tan and green makes this a perfect reading nook, or just a great space to stare out at the ocean and relax."

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Tex Weave Gold (RA-174509)

Feb 1, 2015 Marcy M. Hull, MA

Window Seat

Window Seat "We are very happy with our window seat cushions so far -- the material matches the online pictures, and the cushions are thick, with a great level of firmness. The sewing quality also seems to be high."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Dupione Bamboo (8013-0000)

Jan 30, 2015 David A. Alexandria, VA

Custom Sunbrella Window Seat

Custom Sunbrella Window Seat "Beautiful product. Easy ordering. Delivery time was pretty fast for a custom window seat cushion! I'm very pleased with Cushion Source."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Spectrum Carbon (48085-0000)

Jan 22, 2015 Laranne B. Durango, CO

Window Seat Cushion with Throw Pillows

Window Seat Cushion with Throw Pillows "Thank you Cushion Source. It's perfect. Thanks for the color advice as well."

Featured Fabrics:
Sunbrella Hoopla Kiwi (46008-0005)
Sunbrella Canvas (5453-0000)
Highland Taylor Garden Amber (70384-ATWK)

Jan 20, 2015 Erin M. Concord, NC

Yellow Window Seat Cushion

Yellow Window Seat Cushion "This lovely cushion is perfect for our new window seat in the master bedroom between two built in closets."

Featured Fabric:
Premier Prints Scribble Corn Yellow/Slub (SCRIBCY)

Jan 19, 2015 Simone A. Oxford, OH

Window Seat Cushion Covers

Window Seat Cushion Covers "I have ordered from Cushion Source twice now. I was very pleased both times. Their work is beautiful and professional and their customer service is very pleasant and generous. I compared their prices to local custom upholsterers and found that Cushion Source was competitive in price."

Featured Fabrics:
Robert Allen Les Fauves Grasslands (RA-191036)

Jan 13, 2015 Samar S. Dearborn, MI

Window Seat in Library

Window Seat in Library "The window seat in my 'library.'"

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Indienne Ink Coral (RA-235187)

Dec 20, 2014 Helen C. Boise, ID

Perfect Spot for Sleepy Kitties

Perfect Spot for Sleepy Kitties "The window seat cushions for my cats to sit in the sun."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Natural (5404-0000)

Dec 15, 2014 Christine K. Long Beach, IN

My Favorite Rainy Day Perch

My Favorite Rainy Day Perch "The window seat in the second floor front bedroom, overlooking the front yard and the street. The cushion and the bolster pillows were custom made for me."

Featured Fabric:
Sunbrella Marcello Seaglass (40236-0005)

Nov 30, 2014 Cindy R. Pinehurst, NC

Custom Window Seat and Chair Cushions

Custom Window Seat and Chair Cushions "Excellent job. Cushions look great."

Featured Fabric:
Robert Allen Handcut Shapes Rain (RA-237981)

Nov 17, 2014 Bruce M. Willis, TX