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Wheelchair Cushion Information

Our wheelchair cushions are a necessity when it comes to support and comfort. After sitting for a long length of time, people that are wheelchair bound may struggle with skin break down. Skin can develop sores that often become infected, especially for the elderly who may have thinner, more sensitive skin. A cushion helps ease the stress placed on your spine and helps distribute body weight more efficiently.

Consider the following when selecting a cushion for your wheelchair. The cushion needs to be the correct width, depth and height to ensure that your weight is distributed properly in the seat. This adds to your stability while in the wheelchair. The support provided by a proper wheelchair cushion can reduce fatigue, improve balance, muscle tone and posture. When you're ordering a cushion for a wheelchair, please keep in mind that the thickness of the cushion will cause you to sit higher in your chair, so be sure that your new cushion isn't too thick.